Campaign cookbooks, K St. mergers, video driving voters, and more political law links

K ST. M&A.  Roll Call.  “British conglomerate WPP, which already owns several D.C. lobbying and consulting firms including Quinn Gillespie & Associates and Burson-Marsteller, announced Tuesday it is scooping up the Glover Park Group.”

HOUSE ETHICS AND TRADING. Story here.  “The House Ethics Committee has warned lawmakers and staff about the dangers of ‘insider trading,’ following a news report suggesting lawmakers were using insider information to profit off the stock market.”  More here.  I’ll link to the memo if and when I come across it.  It doesn’t seem to be on the committee’s website.

CAMPAIGN STORE COOKBOOK.  Politico.  “Just in time for the holiday season, the ‘The Ron Paul Family Cookbook’ has arrived.”

EARMARKS IN THE NEWS.  The Post.  “Members of the House and the Senate attempted to pack hundreds of special spending provisions into at least 10 bills in the summer and fall, less than a year after congressional leaders declared a moratorium on earmarks, congressional records show.”

GINGRICH NON-LOBBYIST STATUS COVERAGE.  Here.  “Gingrich and his aides insist that he never engaged in any actual lobbying, and that may be technically true. In fact, he appears to have gone to great lengths to ensure that he stayed on the right side of the regulations and laws governing the work of a professional registered lobbyist.”

MD ROBOCALL TRIAL COVERAGE.  NPR.  “An interesting political trial got under way Tuesday in Baltimore. It involves robocalls made during the 2010 rematch between former Maryland Gov. Robert Ehrlich, a Republican, and the Democratic incumbent Gov. Martin O’Malley.”  The Post’s coverage is here.

VIDEO DRIVING VOTERS.  ClickZ.  “By the election, 33,000 views of the video [supporting candidate Ed Lee], 28 percent of all views, had been driven through the ads. Because those ads had been targeted only in the San Francisco area, the campaign concluded that those views represented likely voters. On average, according to Bully Pulpit, the campaign spent around $0.50 per video view derived through advertising. Search ads also drove viewers to the video.”

AIDE SURRENDERS.  Story here.  “Peter Anthony Reichard, who served as Gov. Bev. Perdue’s campaign finance director, turned himself in Tuesday at the Wake County Magistrate’s Office on charges of obstructing justice.”


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