Political law links for Tues., March 6, 2012

DONOR PLANS.  Politico.  “Republican fundraisers and strategists alarmed at the course of the 2012 presidential campaign are increasingly focusing their attention on congressional races, as the party’s chances of unseating President Barack Obama appear to grow more remote.”

SUPER PACS AND THE RACE.  Views here.  “Today is not Super Tuesday. It’s super PAC Tuesday.”

STALKING MEMBERS AND STAFF.  Roll Call.  “The spots have changed, even just in recent years, when tighter gift bans and ethics restrictions moved much of the purely social K Street-Congress interactions from swanky eateries to on-campus cafeterias.”

CHAMBER ADS ISSUES.  Story here.  “Amid a multistate ad blitz by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce that targets 20 House and Senate races, state and local chamber affiliates in Montana and Virginia have condemned or distanced themselves from the national trade group’s ads.”

RACE AND ETHICS.  Story here.  “African-Americans make up 10 percent of the House, but as of the end of February, five of the sitting six named lawmakers under review by the House Ethics Committee are black.”

BIDEN HIRE.  News here.  “Vice President Biden has hired a longtime lobbyist to work at the White House.”

SUPER PAC WATCH.  Story here.  “Accomplish-our-mission.org, a website mentioned in Federal Election Commission filings, hasn’t been set up yet, and the voicemail on the PAC’s telephone number has a full mailbox.”

MI:  LOBBYING.  Story here.  “Reported lobbying expenditures in 2011 totaled $35.3 million, according to Michigan Secretary of State summations. That’s up 86 percent from 2001. The 2,890 business, association, labor and multi-client lobbyists that registered with the state are up 30 percent in number compared to a decade ago.”


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