I’ve collected these political law links today (May 31, 2012)

SPOTLIGHT ON NH POLLING.  C&E.  “Given the state’s new push polling law, is it better for business to take work in the battleground state and risk getting hit with a fine, or is it best to boycott the state and pressure lawmakers to reform the statute?”

REVISIT CU?  Roll Call.  “As the Supreme Court mulls the first direct challenge to its 2010 Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission ruling, reform advocates have lobbied the court to revisit and fully debate the constitutionality of corporate political spending.”

STEVENS ON CU AND SECOND THOUGHTS.  Here.  “Former U.S. Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens says he expects the court has had second thoughts about parts of its controversial Citizens United ruling that eased restrictions on corporate spending in political campaigns.”  More here.

WILL ON CU.  Here.  “The collapse of liberals’ confidence in their ability to persuade is apparent in their concentration on rigging the rules of political persuasion. Their problem is that the First Amendment is the rule.”

MESSAGE TO DONORS.  The Hill.  “President Obama’s campaign team and top supporters are telling donors they need to get off the sidelines now so they can compete with GOP super-PACS waging an expected $1 billion campaign against them.”

DONORS SPEAK.  Politico.  “All they wanted was to get involved.”

HAYWARD ON EDWARDS.  Politico.  “If Edwards is successfully prosecuted, we may be entering an ‘Alice in Wonderland’ world, where conduct that would not draw the ire of civil law enforcement can lead to prison. Because Edwards could be convicted for taking a contribution that the Federal Election Commission, which regulates campaign finance, wouldn’t even regard as a political donation.”

EDWARDS TRIAL UPDATE.  Story here.  “On Wednesday, Judge Catherine Eagles — a seasoned state court judge who has been on the federal bench for less than two years — sent the alternates home.”

CAR USE ISSUE.  Story here.  “The New York Daily News reported that Gwen Towns uses the vehicle to drive the dry cleaners, the car wash, and to her job at the Interfaith Hospital in Brooklyn.”


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