Tuesday’s political law links (7/17)

DISCLOSE ACT UPDATE. Story here. “Senate Republicans blocked Democratic-backed legislation requiring organizations pouring hundreds of millions of dollars into campaign ads to disclose their top donors and the amounts they spend.”

DISCLOSE ACT PLANS.  The Hill.  “Senators are scheduled to hold a procedural vote on the bill at 3 p.m. — technically, a motion to limit debate on a motion to proceed to the bill. That vote will follow Tuesday morning debate on the bill, after a long debate Monday night for Democrats.”

SELF-FUNDERS RISE.  Story here.  “Self-funding candidates’ business backgrounds are often an asset,  but because the candidates are often untested campaigners, they sometimes make mistakes more seasoned politicians would avoid, another national GOP strategist said.”

COPYRIGHTS AND CAMPAIGNS. Here. “Mitt Romney’s new web video, featuring audio of President Obama singing a few lines from Al Green’s, ‘Let’s Stay Together,’ has been pulled down from YouTube via a copyright claim of BMG Rights Management.”

OVERSEAS FUNDRAISING. Story here. “The Obama reelection campaign’s decision to globalize its fundraising activities is drawing the same sort of intense criticism from the right as the president’s glitzy domestic money-raising efforts featuring Hollywood celebrities.”

CHEVRON CASE IN THE NEWS.  Roll Call.  “The dispute over alleged pollution in the Amazon rainforest has swept up two of Washington’s biggest lobbying practices: Patton Boggs and Ogilvy Government Relations.”

MASSA PAYMENTS.  Story here.  “Former Rep. Eric Massa’s (D-N.Y.) campaign is still paying his wife almost $1,300 per month, more than two years after he resigned from office.”

SENTENCING IN AL CASINO CASE. Story here. ” A federal judge has sentenced three men who pleaded guilty in an Alabama Statehouse bribery scheme to several years in federal prison.”


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