8/6/12 political law links

GEOTARGETED ADWORDS. The Verge. “Google has long offered specific geographic ad targeting, but this election season it’s getting even more local by allowing users to target ads to specific congressional districts.”

REP. TIERNEY AND PERSONAL FINANCIAL DISCLOSURE. Story here. “Officials with three nonpartisan open-government groups said this week that the House Committee on Ethics should investigate whether US Representative John F. Tierney was ­required to publicly disclose more than $200,000 that his wife received while managing a bank account with money that came from her brother’s ­illegal gambling business.”

OUTSIDE CASH MODEL IN MO. The Times. “The sustained campaign could become a textbook for future efforts in a new era of anything-goes campaign financing, both Ms. McCaskill and her opponents say.”

PLOUFFE FEE IN THE NEWS. The Post. “David Plouffe, a senior White House adviser who was President Obama’s 2008 campaign manager, accepted a $100,000 speaking fee in 2010 from an affiliate of a company doing business with Iran’s government.”

CONVENTION CALCULATIONS. Roll Call. “Washington, D.C., lobbyists are not exactly jazzed about heading south for the major party conventions.”

RECONSIDERING THE STOCK ACT’S DISCLOSURE PROVISIONS. The Post. “In layman’s terms, that means that these officials’ detailed financial information would be instantly available at the click of a mouse — including to those who may wish to steal their identities, harm their families or interfere with the work they do for the government.”

REFORM IN SC? Story here. “Palmetto State politicians only must disclose money earned from government agencies and from contracts between their employers and government agencies.”

MARGIN OF LITIGATION. The Post. “Closing the deal with voters is only the beginning for President Obama and Republican challenger Mitt Romney, and not just in Ohio. In courthouses across the country, lawsuits are challenging state laws that dictate who may vote, when they may vote and whether their ballot will be counted once they have voted.”


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