Good morning, here are today’s political law links (9/27)

ETHICS COMPLAINT. The Hill. “The ethics complaint filed by the Missouri Democratic Party alleges that Akin violated House ethics rules by changing his position on an issue, in this case earmarks, to receive campaign contributions.”

HONG KONG FUNDRAISER. SF Chron. “The Hong Kong event is not Romney’s first effort to glean campaign cash there. Two of his sons headlined a fundraiser in Hong Kong last May. And Obama supporters have also been busy in China, gathering in the mainland China city of Shanghai in July for a $10,000 Obama Victory Fund event benefiting both the campaign and Democratic party coffers. Only American citizens and green card holders can donate to U.S. candidates.”

$4 BILLION AND COUNTING. Story here. “More than $4bn was spent on the presidential and congressional candidates and campaigns in the first 18 months of the election cycle, according to the Federal Election Commission.”

TXT ISSUE IN VA. The Post. “With tweets, texts and the rise of social media, the political campaign industry is racing to adapt to new technologies. And the dirty tricks industry is adapting right along with it.”


AL: PROBATION. Story here. “The first person to plead guilty in Alabama’s gambling corruption investigation was sentenced to probation Tuesday for helping bring down two bigger players in a bribery scheme designed to keep electronic bingo casinos operating.”

DC: BROWN CAMPAIGN ISSUES UPDATE. The Post. “The discrepancy seems to lend support to Sutton’s claims that some of the more than $100,000 that Brown claims Sutton stole from the campaign over the past year was actually paid to him as salary with Brown’s blessing.”


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