Here are today’s political law links (10/15/12)

“FEEBLE” IRS.  Politico.  “If you’re looking for the cop on the beat for much of the outside spending in 2012 — when Republican-allied groups alone intend to spend upwards of $1 billion — stop by the IRS, one of the most feared and hated government agencies around.   Except when it comes to political spending, the IRS is more like a toothless tiger.”

COORDINATION ISSUE IN THE NEWS.  The Post.  “By all accounts, Romney’s campaign and the group spending millions of dollars on his behalf are not violating the law that prohibits campaigns and independent organizations from coordinating their efforts.”

ASSOCIATION CAMPAIGNS.  The Post.  “In an election dominated by negative advertising, one group of big spenders is determined to stay positive. Industry trade associations, from dentists to credit unions, are pumping money into races and spending it overwhelmingly on feel-good messages.”

FUND TRANSFERS.  Story here.  “Sean Noble, a former congressional aide, had an account ready when the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in 2010 that corporations could join wealthy donors and spend freely in federal elections. In less than a year, he had $62 million at his disposal.”

ETHICS ANNOUNCES.  Story here.  “The House Ethics Committee announced on Friday that it is investigating allegations against Rep. Silvestre Reyes (D-Texas).”

JACKSON INVESTIGATION.  Examiner.  “On Friday, it was revealed that another criminal investigation of Jackson is under way. This time, federal authorities are investigating the possible improper use of the Congressman’s campaign finances.”

REVOLVING DOOR ISSUES.  The Post.  “As the presidential campaign season enters its final weeks, the race among Washington’s elite law firms to recruit top talent from federal agencies, the White House and congressional staff is heating up.”

PEOPLE’S PACT UPDATE.  Story here.  “Independent political groups are finding ways around the pledge by Republican Senator Scott Brown and Democratic challenger Elizabeth Warren to keep outside money out of their hard-fought U.S. Senate campaign.”

GA:  LOBBYIST RULES IN THE NEWS.  AJC.  “While some states have absolute prohibitions on lobbyists giving gifts, they say nothing about gifts from the people who hire them.”

WA:  COMPLAINT DISMISSED?  Story here.  “Staffers for the state Public Disclosure Commission are recommending dismissal of four campaign finance charges brought against Democratic gubernatorial candidate Jay Inslee by Republican candidate Rob McKenna’s campaign manager.”


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