Political law links, 11/1/12

ROMNEY AND LOBBYISTS.  WSJ.  “Advisers to Mitt Romney would limit the role of lobbyists in transition teams and the White House if the Republican presidential candidate wins next week’s election.”

SANDY FEC TIP. FEC Tips for Treasurers. “Hurricane Sandy could affect some committees’ ability to submit these filings and the Commission’s ability to accept them.”

LARGEST CONTRIBUTION FROM PUBLIC CO. Story here. “This month, [Congressional Leadership Fund] received a $2.3 million contribution from Chevron Corp. of San Ramon. Chevron’s contribution is by far the largest made by an American public company to a super PAC since the 2010 U.S. Supreme Court freed all constraints on corporate political spending in the Citizens United case.”

12 MONEY RACE.  The Post.  “The two presidential candidates said they had nearly $300 million in the bank for the final leg of the campaign, raising a simple question: What in the world are they going to do with all that money?”

PHANTOM COMMISSION.  Roll Call on the EAC.  “A federal agency created to restore confidence in the election process in the wake of Bush v. Gore sits all but leaderless as the country approaches Election Day.”

USE OF HOUSE RESOURCES QUESTIONED. Story here. “Rep. Laura Richardson has burned through the taxpayer dollars allotted for her official duties, according to Democratic sources and an internal email obtained by POLITICO.”

TOP LOBBYISTS. The Hill. “2012 hasn’t been the best year for K Street, but it’s too soon to call it a bust.”

TXT MSG NEWS. The Hill. “Virginia-based GOP advertising firm ccAdvertising was behind a flood of anti-Obama text messages sent Tuesday night, according to Web domain records.”

TRICK OR TREAT FROM OCE. Story here. “The Office of Congressional Ethics (OCE) recommended three members of Congress, or their staff, to the House Ethics Committee for further investigation last quarter, according to the outside panel’s latest report issued on Wednesday.”

VOTER FRAUD APP. Politico. “The once-prominent conservative super PAC Winning Our Future is back this Halloween to unveil a trick — or treat, depending on your political persuasion — targeting voter fraud.”

ME: PAC CASE DECIDED. Story here. “The Maine Ethics Commission unanimously ruled that State Senator Nichi Farnham did not play a role in a political action committee’s decision to buy $72,919 worth of attack ads against her opponent, Democrat Geoffrey Gratwick.”

MT: LATEST ON FREEZE. Story here. “A $500,000 donation to Republican gubernatorial candidate Rick Hill appears to violate Montana’s campaign contribution limits, a state judge ruled Wednesday in an order preventing the former congressman from spending the money.”



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