Good morning, here are today’s political law links (11/14/12)

SUPER PACS AND 14.  The Hill.  “The heads of the outside spending groups that pumped more than $1 billion into the 2012 election are already making plans for 2014.”

TOMORROW’S FEC MEETING.  The agenda for tomorrow’s Federal Election Commission meeting is online here.

LOBBYIST LOAN TO KELLEY’S SISTER.  Story here.  “Deep in the story is the assertion that lobbyist Gerald Harrington loaned $300,000 to Kelley’s sister, Natalie Khawam, who was embroiled in a fight with her ex-husband for the custody of their son.”

REFORMERS AT WORK.  HuffPo.  “Reform groups from the long-established Democracy 21, Common Cause and Public Citizen to the more recently created United Republic are advocating a range of proposals, some old and some new, aimed at reducing the role of money in elections and governance.”

FOCUS ON FORMER SPEAKER.  Chicago Trib.  “Former U.S. House Speaker J. Dennis Hastert has conducted private business ventures through a little-known government office that has cost taxpayers about $1.8 million, a Tribune investigation has found.”

SUPER PAC SHUTTERED.  Story here.  “The host of ‘The Colbert Report’ posted a letter on his web site Monday night announcing the end of his Americans for a Better Tomorrow Tomorrow super PAC.”

CA:  DONATION IN THE NEWS.  LAT.  “An $11-million campaign donation that was secretly routed through an obscure Arizona group might have hurt the conservative effort in California on election day more than it helped, Republican operatives say.”

DC:  BROWN’S SENTENCE VIEW.  The Post.  “Sentenced to six months of home detention and two years of supervised release, Mr. Brown, who spent the day in the custody of U.S. marshals, was ordered to perform 480 hours of community service, which the judge said he wants to be ‘visible’ to the public.”

FL:  FORMER MEMBERS LOBBYING.  Story here.  “Former Florida House speakers apparently don’t just fade away.”

GA:  TICKETS PROVIDED.  Story here.  “Channel 2 Action News has learned that lobbyists pushing for a new $1 billion Atlanta Falcons’ stadium are giving state lawmakers thousands of dollars in free luxury box seats.”

MD:  ALSTON MAY SUE.  The Post.  “She was convicted in June of stealing $800 from the Maryland General Assembly to pay an employee of her private law firm. But on Tuesday, attorneys for former delegate Tiffany T. Alston suggested that she was the one who had been robbed — of her seat.”


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