Political law links, 3/5/13

AM XRDS HITS OFA. Politico. “American Crossroads released a video Monday mocking Organizing for Action, the nonprofit that grew out of the Obama campaign, for offering $500,000 contributors meetings with the president.”

OFA TIES. HuffPo. “OFA’s close ties to the West Wing and its control over the former campaign’s resources has raised questions about where the nonprofit group ends and the White House starts.”

K ST. 13 PREDICTIONS.  The Hill.  “During last year’s lobbying slowdown, many on K Street predicted that the arrival of a new Congress in 2013 would snap the industry’s two-year losing streak.”

FEDERAL MONEY FOR LOBBYING ISSUE. Story here. “The federal government has negotiated a tentative settlement agreement in a whistleblower lawsuit accusing Fluor Hanford of using federal money to lobby for funds for the HAMMER training center at Hanford, according to court documents.”

CU CITED IN PROP. 8 BRIEF. Here. “This case accordingly presents one of the rare instances in which judicial intervention is necessary to prevent overreaching by the electorate. When fundamental liberties are at stake, personal ‘choices and assessments … are not for the Government to make,’ Citizens United v. FEC, 130 S. Ct. 876, 917 (2010), and courts must step in to prevent any encroachment upon individual rights.”

EO UPDATE. Subscribe to IRS publication EO Update here. The newsletter covers “tax policy, services and available information that impact tax-exempt organizations.”

BUSH 16 WATCH.  Post.  “To be clear, what Bush said Monday shouldn’t be taken as a sign that he is running for president.”

FL:  OPENING DAY ETHICS.  Story here.  “Lawmakers like to make a splash – or at least what they see as a splash – on the first day of the legislative session.”

TX: DOUBLE DISCLOSURE. Story here. “Texas candidates and officeholders would have to file quarterly campaign finance reports — instead of semi-annual ones — under legislation filed by Rep. Chris Turner, D-Arlington, who wants to overhaul parts of the state’s financial disclosure laws.”

TX: HUMBLE TREASURER FINED. Story here. “In response to a sworn complaint, the Texas Ethics Commmission has levied a $2,500 fine on Daniel Stunda, a trustee for Humble Teamsters Local Number 19 and treasurer for its political action committee, after finding he committed more than 60 campaign finance violations.”

JAMAICA:  REFORMS PROPOSAL SOON.  Story here.    “The report has recommendations falling under 10 headings ranging from the sources of contribution and donations, impermissible donors, limits on contributions to candidates and political parties, limits on election expenditure of candidates and of political parties to disclosure by candidates and political parties.”


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