Thursday’s political law links, 6/27/13

SCOTUS AND CAMPAIGN FINANCE. HuffPo. “Ethics laws requiring disclosure of spousal income, banning gifts to spouses from certain sources and banning nepotism will now apply to elected, executive and federal agency officials in same-sex marriages and unions. Also, married same-sex couples will now be able to give joint contributions from a single bank account to political campaigns.”

DONOR AND DOMA. Politico. ”Paul Singer, the GOP mega-bundler who formed a super PAC, aimed at increasing the ranks of pro-gay marriage candidates, hailed the twin Supreme Court rulings today as ‘a victory for gay couples, for their families and for freedom.'”

DC: SCANDAL DRIP. Story here. “Like an unrepaired leaky faucet, the federal probe into illegal campaigning and D.C. government corruption is turning into a stream of convictions and court actions — a stream that should make the guilty still out there nervous and send them searching for life preservers.”

ME: LEPAGE CFR VETO. Story here. “LePage also vetoed two bills that would change campaign finance laws. LD 1023 would require that governors-elect form committees to oversee donations that fund transitional activities or inaugural events, and require record-keeping of donations of more than $10. LD 1271 would increase fines for candidates and political committees that violate campaign finance reporting requirements within 28 days of the end of the campaign. That bill passed unanimously through both chambers of the Legislature earlier this month.”

MO: FINE FOR FAILING TO REGISTER. Story here. “Ed Watkins, the founder and owner of WE News, LLC, and Graduate America Priority 1 (GAP-1) a key player in early negotiations to bring Ranken Tech to Wentzville, has been cited by the Missouri Ethics Commission for failure to register as a lobbyist.”

TX MAP LAW. Roll Call. “Texas Gov. Rick Perry has signed the Lone Star State’s new congressional map into law, ending the state’s long and twisted redistricting saga of the 2012 cycle.”

WV: LEGAL FEES FOR COMPLAINTS CONSIDERED. Story here. “The state Ethics Commission can order people who file ‘bad faith’ complaints to pay legal fees. But agency staff members could not recall a single time that has happened in the commission’s history.”

HAVE A GREAT DAY. I’ll send around the next set of links next week. Have a great weekend.

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