Thurs. political law links

SOFT LOBBYING DETAILED.  WP.  “No longer content to rely on traditional lobbyists, companies are investing in other messengers such as nonprofit groups or academicians who can provide expert testimony, shape media coverage and change public opinion in ways that ultimately affect decisions in the nation’s capital.”

YEAR IN REVIEW.  Covington released its 2013 FEC Year in Review last week and it’s available here.

NAGIN GUILTY.  CBS.  “Former News Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin, best remembered for his impassioned pleas for help after the levees broke during Hurricane Katrina, was convicted Wednesday of accepting bribes in exchange for helping businessmen secure millions of dollars in city work, including after the devastating storm.”

PRO-GILLESPIE SUPER PAC.   NJ.  “Republican Senate candidate Ed Gillespie, who helped co-found the American Crossroads super PAC with GOP strategist Karl Rove, won’t be relying on Rove’s group as his chief outside booster in his Virginia campaign.”

SUPER PACS READY.  Roll Call.  “Over 1,300 Super PACs are registered with the Federal Election Commission, but only 300 had activity in 2013.”

AZ:  HORNE TESTIFIES.  KC Star.  “Arizona Attorney General Tom Horne said Wednesday he ‘absolutely never’ had illegal communications with the leader of an independent campaign backing him during his 2010 election bid.”

LA:  SUPER PAC PROLIFERATION.  “Why should U.S. Sen. David Vitter have all the fun? He shouldn’t, according to the architects of the new Blue Pelican Super PAC that is being built up to support the re-election of senior Sen. Mary Landrieu.”

LA:  SPENDING SCRUTINY.  “You may think running for office entails hiring consultants, campaign workers and running commercials – and it does. But it’s the other stuff politicians buy that raises questions.”

MT:  VIEW ON CASES.  “I have the funny feeling that Mr. Motl, one of Montana’s best progressive strategic political minds, applied for the commissioner job specifically to focus on the WTP/ATP cases and extract the maximum political impact from same.”


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