Here are Tuesday’s political law links

COMPLAINT FILED.  “Two groups that advocate for campaign finance reform are raising questions about the operations of a super PAC formed by backers of Republican U.S. Sen. David Vitter.”

ALLEGED GOVERNMENT CONTRACTOR ISSUE.  MJ.  “The FEC bought the company’s argument, which is that Chevron Corporation (the organization that donated to CLF) and Chevron U.S.A. (the organization with government contracts) are entirely different entities.”

OBAMA AND LOBBYIST REGULATION.  WP.  “There are those who say the president’s moves unfairly cast all lobbyists in a sinister light, and there are those who say they simply encouraged anyone who might be interested in an administration job to remove themselves from the official registration rolls.”

KY:  REFORMS APPROVED.  “Candidates for governor who donate at least $1 million to their own campaigns would automatically increase the contribution limits of their opponents under a bill the Kentucky House approved Monday.”

WI:  BITCOIN GIVING.  Milwaukee Business Journal.  “Wisconsin’s election board last week looked at the changing geography of campaign finance, examining crowdfunded, text message and Bitcoin donations Thursday.”


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