Good morn., here are today’s top political law links

CHARITABLE DONATIONS.  Roll Call.  “Over $100,000 in leftover campaign funds of a deceased member of Congress have been donated to ten charities.”

MEMBERS TRADE.  Roll Call.  “Members of Congress continue to report their periodic stock transactions as required by the Stop Trading on Congressional Knowledge (STOCK) Act.”

DELAY FOIA CASE.  The Hill.  “A federal appeals court on Tuesday said that the Justice Department did not provide good enough reason to withhold documents related to its investigation into former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay.”

CA:  IT’S TRICKY.  CBS.  “Even seasoned lawmakers will admit it: campaign finance reform can be a tricky issue for legislators and constituents to tackle. But with the recent indictment of state Sen. Leland Yee, the topic is again circulating in Sacramento and beyond.”

MT:  MOTL ALLEGATIONS.  The Missoulian.  “The Montana commissioner of political practices said Tuesday that Senate Majority Leader Art Wittich broke state campaign laws by coordinating with and failing to report contributions from a conservative group during his 2010 primary election campaign.”

NJ:  PAY TO PLAY AND CONTRACTORS.  Roll Call.  “Yet a long list of New Jersey contractors and pension fund managers have given generously to groups that either back or are closely linked with Christie. Such contributions have repeatedly raised questions as to whether Christie supporters are skirting the state’s pay-to-play laws — a suggestion that the state Treasury Department, which enforces those statutes, has rejected.”

OH:  WHO TO VET.  “Democratic Cuyahoga County Executive Ed FitzGerald’€™s decision to have a county employee — Inspector General Nailah Byrd — vet political donations to his gubernatorial race to ensure compliance with county ethics laws may have been well-intentioned but it is a totally inappropriate use of taxpayer dollars.”


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