Political law links

SEARCH WARS. NYT. “But sometimes a simple coding mistake can lay bare documents and data that were supposed to be concealed from the prying eyes of the public.”

TRANSPARENCY DEFICIT. NJ. “Information about the number of attendees at a given event—much less their names—can be, at times, hard to come by. Moreover, while many of the president’s fundraising appearances are covered by the White House press corps through a pool reporter, there are occasions, such as the event at the Jefferson Hotel, where the media is shut out.”

DEBATE ISSUES. Stltrib.com. “Third-party candidates upset at being left out of televised debates announced their intention Wednesday to file formal complaints with the Federal Election Commission and county district attorneys, among other officials.”

CASH TOTALS. WSJ. “Senators aren’t required to tithe a share of their campaign funds to the NRSC, which is operating at a $30 million fundraising disadvantage compared to the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee.”

CORPORATE DISCLOSURE RATED. WP. “Major corporations are increasingly disclosing their political spending this election year, even as some business groups discourage them from doing so, according to a new study set for release Wednesday.”

TECH AND DC. NYT. “At the most transparent end, three tech companies — Microsoft, Qualcomm and Intel — were ranked among the top five. Google, Amazon and Facebook all received below-average scores; Apple’s and Yahoo’s were slightly above average.”

INDEPENDENT GROUP OPPO. WSJ. “The craft of opposition research—finding information that might put an opponent in a negative light—has long been a staple of political campaigns. This year, independent groups are taking a leading role, adding to the research done by candidates and party committees.”

(C)(4) PROPOSALS. Lexology. “At this point, it is not clear what changes, if any, will be enacted with respect to Section 501(c)(4) and/or political activity for other exempt organizations. The number of responses indicate that this is a subject that impacts many interests and any changes would have far-reaching effects.”

CT: MONEY MAP. Monroe Courier. “Data from the State Elections Enforcement Commission and Federal Election Commission detailing itemized contributions to the Democratic and Republican parties’ state and federal accounts from Jan. 1, 2013, to July 31 of this year, was compiled by the CT Mirror news organization.”

VA: ETHICS COMMISSION UPDATE. WP. “Gov. Terry McAuliffe will announce on Thursday the formation of a commission to study ethics, campaign-finance reform and nonpartisan redistricting.”

WI: WALKER UPDATE. WP. “A U.S. appeals court panel on Wednesday lifted an injunction freezing an investigation into possibly illegal campaign coordination between top advisers to Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker and conservative groups, clearing a roadblock to reviving the two-year-old case.”


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