Tues. political law links

TRUST VOTERS ON CFR.  The Hill.  “It’s time for those who oppose limiting money in politics to drop this dishonest and unconstitutional argument, and for the rest of us to demand that our state and federal legislators get serious about restoring sanity to our political system.”

CFR AFTER CU.  Harvard Political Review.  “As the weather turns colder and the leaves begin to burn bright red and yellow, we are reminded of the many joys of the fall season: delicious apples, Halloween, and the incessant political ads that plague our airwaves.”

LIBERALS IN THE GAME.  WFB.  “Liberal billionaires are leaving conservatives in the dust when it comes to Super PAC spending during the 2014 election cycle, according to an analysis by the Sunlight Foundation.”

CA:  DONOR AND THE SYSTEM.  LAT.  “In the state Senate race for California’s 26th District — a spirited contest that features two Democrats, Ben Allen and Sandra Fluke — a single donor has spent more than $1 million trying to elect Allen.”

MI:  PARTY DONATION.  MILive.  “Michigan Senate Republicans have assisted state Rep. Margaret O’Brien in her bid to join their ranks by contributing nearly $500,000 to her campaign during the latest election period, campaign finance reports show.”

MT:  SUPPORT FOR MOTL.  Missoulian.  “With each case closed, Motl is providing further proof that he deserves confirmation by the Montana Senate in 2015.”

NY:  PUBLIC FINANCING TIP.  Dailyjournal.net.  “The test of public campaign financing in the New York comptroller race has proved ineffective, with the incumbent declining to participate and the challenger falling short of the thresholds that would parlay his $200,000 into $1.2 million.”

CAN:  NO RULES.  CBC.  “There is no requirement on P.E.I. for municipal election candidates to disclose who has donated to their campaign, and no limit on spending.”


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