11-10 political law links

CFR IN THE NEXT CONGRESS.  HuffPo.  “The Senate will likely be led next year by the primary antagonist to campaign finance reformers, Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.).”

D MONEY ALLIANCE. WFB. “The network of political and policy groups backed by the shadowy liberal donor club the Democracy Alliance was responsible for more than one of every three dollars spent by super PACs during the 2014 election cycle, public records show.”

CHRISTIE AND CFR.  CSMonitor.  “The governor took on the nation’s byzantine array of campaign finance laws Thursday – including the shadowy networks of anonymous ‘dark money’ that flowed through independent political groups this year.”

TESTER ON CFR. WT.  “He told a group of law professors and federal election officials there Friday that big money and a wealthy few are drowning out the voices of regular folks.”

RULING IN KOBACH.  Bloomberg.  “Arizona and Kansas were blocked from enforcing a requirement of proof of U.S. citizenship for voter registration, a federal appeals court said in a victory for the Obama administration and minority-rights advocates.”

AR:  NEW LAWS.  Natlawreview.com.  “Amid the thrill of victory and agony of defeat this Election Day, Arkansas voters approved a constitutional amendment that will have a major impact on those involved in the political and legislative process there.”

MN:  LAWSUIT PAUSE.  Star Tribune.  “A federal judge has agreed to temporarily put on hold a lawsuit challenging Wisconsin’s campaign coordination law and how it applies in cases involving political speech.”

MO:  AMENDMENT PROPOSED.  KSPR.  “Missourians may get a chance to vote on cracking down on lobbyists and campaign finance.”

NE:  STEPPING DOWN EARLY.  Omaha.com.   “Lautenbaugh, 49, who works as a trial attorney, resigned with less than two months remaining in his second term. He said lobbying opportunities had recently emerged, which compelled him to hasten his departure.

HAVE A GOOD DAY.  I’ll send around the next set of links on Wednesday.

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