today’s political law links

CFROMNIBUS. WP. “The language – inserted on page 1,599 of the 1,603-page bill – would allow individuals to give three times the annual cap on national party donations to three additional party committees set up for the purposes of the presidential conventions, building expenses and election recounts.”

REFORMERS OPPOSED RIDERS.  D21.  They “sent a letter to members of Congress strongly urging Senators and Representatives to oppose any riders to the Omnibus Appropriations bill that increase the opportunity to corrupt members of Congress.”

HEADED TO KEY WEST?  PAC.  “For more than 30 years, the Council’s National Grassroots Conference has been the place to learn about state of the art practices.”

ORMAN FUNDERS.  Examiner.  “The key day was Oct. 16. Election law stipulates that any contribution received before Oct. 16 had to be publicly disclosed to the Federal Elections Commission before election day. But anything received on Oct. 16 or later would not be disclosed until after voters went to the polls.”

DEMAIO SUPER PAC LAUNCH.  KPBS.  “The erstwhile Republican challenger to recently re-elected Democratic Congressman Scott Peters of San Diego has filed documents to start a super PAC.”

TOMORROW’S FEC MEETING.  The agenda for tomorrow’s Federal Election Commission meeting is online here.

MD:  DEVELOPER AND RULES.  City Paper.  “This year’s campaign-finance conduct by St. John provides an insightful glimpse into how money works in Maryland politics.”

TX:  LOBBYING COMPLAINT.  “A group trying to persuade Austin to create two PGA-quality golf courses on city land violated the city’s lobbying rules, according to a complaint filed Thursday.”


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