Mon. political law links

SUPER PAC WHYS. “The following are some reasons a super PAC for Jindal has been launched now…”

NONPROFITS AND 16. National Journal. “The current flurry of undisclosed activity—already totaling in the millions—could prove only a prelude. Many expect every major 2016 candidate to eventually have an adjunct nonprofit in addition to a super PAC. What’s more, the same political strategists can run both shops simultaneously.”

BUSH ASK. Wash. Examiner. “Jeb Bush is inviting top Republican donors to join his National Executive Committee by pledging to raise $500,000 by March 31 for the potential presidential candidate’s leadership PAC.”

CU MISUNDERSTOOD. Daily Record. “Probably the most misunderstood case in modern legal history, Citizens United simply doesn’t stand for what many people say it does.”

DISCLOSURE OF CONTRIBUTIONS. Lexology. “The following describes the reporting requirements under Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Rhode Island laws, which require certain corporate entities to file reports regarding their business relationships with state entities, as well as their political contributions and those of their employees.”

DPI LAUNCH. CA Newswire. “The new platform incorporates unique technology to provide a web-based automated crowd fundraising capability with cloud storage specifically designed for the complexities of political and nonprofit fundraising and micro-targeting advocacy.”

WILL ON SANDERS ON CFR. WP. “Sanders’s authentic passion enlivens our often synthetic politics. There is, however, some justice in the fact that his principled rejection of the connection between money and speech might prevent his other principles from being heard.”

CO: STIFLING SPEECH. “No fewer than two federal courts, one in 2010 and another again last year, have said that this state’s Fair Campaign Practices Act infringes on the free-speech rights of average Coloradans. The question is, will the legislature this year finally do anything about it?”

IL: FUNDS REMAINING. Daily Herald. “Close to $1 million is still sitting in the late Judy Baar Topinka’s campaign fund, leaving the fund’s officers to decide what to do with it.”

NY: MAYOR SPENDS. Buffalo News. “Mayor Byron W. Brown isn’t running for election this year, but his campaign fund spent more in the last 12 months than his primary and general election opponents combined in the last Buffalo mayoral race.”


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