pol. law links 2.12

WEB OF REGULATION. Examiner. “During a broad FEC hearing to discuss a recent Supreme Court decision that eliminated some donor limits, proponents encouraged the agency to draw up new funding disclosure rules and require even third-party internet-based groups to reveal donors, a move that would extinguish a 2006 decision to keep the agency’s hands off the Internet.”

REIMBURSEMENT SCHOCK. Politico. “Nearly every month since he’s been in Congress, the fourth-term Republican has received roughly $1,000 in ‘private auto mileage’ reimbursements from his Member Representational Allowance. At the same time, he has chartered private jets on the taxpayers’ dime, incurring hefty, five-figure bills. And his campaign has shelled out upward of $50,000 for the use of his vehicle.”

MILBANK ON HEARING FLAVOR. WP. “The most gripping performance was turned in by a woman whose fiance died, she said, because of an antipsychotic drug that was on the market because of ‘dark money’ in politics.”

AIM LOW. NLJ. “Former White House counsel Robert Bauer on Wednesday urged the Federal Election Commission to aim low in crafting new rules for campaign contributions in the wake of a 2014 U.S. Supreme Court decision that struck down certain donation limits.”

LITTLE CONSENSUS. Sunlight. “Equally split between Democrats and Republicans and lacking decisive direction from Congress, the commissioners of the FEC are not likely to take any sweeping action on either issue in the wake of the hearing. ”

CA: GROUP FINED. Voiceoforc.org. “Virginia-based Citizens in Charge and Pennsylvania resident Howard Rich were fined a combined $14,000 by the state Fair Political Practices Commission for three violations of state law requiring public disclosure of campaign contributors, according to FPPC documents.”

NV: SUPREME COURT RULES. CCP. “On February 11th, 2015, the Nevada Supreme Court ruled in favor of Citizen Outreach.”

PA: YOU TAKE CASH? CBS. “Milton Street was ten dollars short on the $130 fine that he faced for filing his campaign finance report nine days late. He said his campaign treasurer had had health issues.”

VA: MOVES ON GIFTS. Hamptonroads.com. “The House of Delegates and Senate passed bills that would cap gifts and travel from lobbyists or those with business before the state at $100.”


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