Political law links

SARBANES PROPOSAL. Atlantic. “This emerging state of acceptance is making room for some new approaches: What if we stop focusing on containment, and start focusing on empowerment? What if we stop focusing on limits, and start focusing on opportunities?”

CHRISTIE SUPPORTERS CLOSE. Daily Record. “New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie’s supporters are getting ready to launch a super PAC that could raise and spend unlimited sums of money as he moves toward a formal campaign for president in 2016.”

IN: CONTRIBUTION CONTROVERSY. Indy Star. “Controversial campaign contributions from an affiliate of beer distributor Monarch Beverage heavily benefited the campaigns of Indiana House Republicans and Gov. Mike Pence.”

LA: MUST-HAVE SUPER PACS. Shreveport Times. “The courts see it as an issue of liberties, that limiting how much money a super PAC can accept unconstitutionally limits its right to free speech. Yet in the world of political fundraising, lawmakers know nothing is ever truly free. If it’s not properly overseen, this brave new era could come at a great cost.”

MT: STATE REP. DESCRIBES PROPOSAL. FH News Group. “This bill gives the Secretary of State the ability to dissolve a corporation if they have been found by a court to have severely violated Montana’s campaign finance laws. The bill would prevent corporations who continue to blatantly ignore our laws from continuing to do business in Montana. HB 409 provides us one more tool to ensure that we make the message clear that our campaign laws are not negotiable.”

NE: DISCLOSURE CHANGE. KWBE. “The measure by Sen. Sue Crawford of Bellevue would close a loophole that allows candidates and office-holders to self-report the amount of money in their campaign accounts.”

NM: ENFORCEMENT QUESTIONS. ABQ Journal. “Many uncollected fines stemming from campaign finance violations show a lack of enforcement by New Mexico Secretary of State Dianna Duran, a state lawmaker said Sunday.”


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