Political law links, 3-5

TUESDAY AT THE FEC.  The Federal Election Commission meeting scheduled for today has been moved to Tuesday.

CARSON EXPLORING.  WP.  “Pediatric neurosurgeon Ben Carson finally announced the formation of an exploratory committee for a White House run on Tuesday, doing exactly what everyone has been expecting him to do for months.”

FIRST LADIES AND ETHICS.  DB (S. Coffina).  “The article highlights the recent legal troubles of the former first ladies of Virginia  and Oregon and how first ladies typically fall in a gray area in the applicability of state ethics laws.”

HI:  CFR MOVING.  Civilbeat.com.  “Hawaii lawmakers are looking at making a simple change to fix this longstanding problem in time for the 2016 elections. Senate Bill 508 would add an additional reporting requirement in early October to break up the long period between filings.”

NC: RESOLUTION UNLIKELY.  TWCNews.  “Backers of an amendment to the U.S. Constitution that would cancel a Supreme Court decision on campaign finance have yet to receive formal backing from Republicans in charge of the North Carolina legislature.”

NM:  BILL MOVES.  ABQ Journal.  “A measure seeking to increase the disclosure requirements on independent expenditure groups in New Mexico political campaigns cleared its first House committee today.”

PA:  DISCLOSURE IN MUNICIPAL RACES.  NBC.  “In the new world of Philadelphia elections, where free-spending, non-candidate groups could dominate campaigns, a new organization has surfaced that will focus on getting a better City Council.”

VA:  POST POOH-POOHS REFORMS.  WP.  “When the dust settled in the GOP-controlled legislature, the loopholes stayed wide open, and the action turned out to be mostly pantomime.”

WV:  REDUCING LIMITS.  BDT Online.  ” A bill that originally allowed unlimited campaign contributions got reconstructive surgery in the Senate Committee on the Judiciary on Tuesday, with amendments from Senate Majority Leader Mitch Carmichael that lowered those limits to $2,700 for every race.”


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