Good morning, today’s political law links

PHONY THREAT.  Hill.  “Those opposed to free speech are once again threatening to use the Internal Revenue Code and the IRS to chill First Amendment freedoms. This time they raise the imaginary specter of election involvement by ‘foreigners.’ The battleground is a little-known, burdensome and unnecessary IRS form, Schedule B of Form 990, filed by nonprofits.”

COMPLAINTS FILED WITH DOJ AND IRS.  GovExec.  “A Washington ethics advocacy group has filed a complaint alleging campaign finance abuses by 10 organizations it calls ‘dark money groups,’ taking the unusual step of filing with both the Internal Revenue Service and the Justice Department, including the FBI.”

CT:  STANDING FIRM.  Dentons.  “In announcing a $325,000 settlement with the Connecticut Democratic State Central Committee, the State Elections Enforcement Commission (“SEEC”) has made clear that it will not tolerate efforts to circumvent the state’s pay-to-play laws.”

MT:  CAN STAY IN OFFICE.  BDC.  “A Montana legislator can stay in office after a jury found he took illegal corporate contributions from an anti-union organization during his 2010 primary election campaign, a judge ruled Friday.”

NJ:  THREE YEAR SENTENCE.  “A former executive at what was once among the state’s most politically connected engineering firms was sentenced to state prison Friday for his role in a scheme to skirt New Jersey’s campaign contribution laws.”

NY:  REFORM DUE.  TU.  “The Legislature’s call for Citizens United to be overturned is a step in the right direction, but its immediate impact is nothing more than an acknowledgement of what the people of New York already know.”

SD:  KREBS PLANS REVIEW.  RJC.  “Jason Williams said Krebs intends to convene a summer subcommittee with representatives from the Legislature, the state Board of Elections and the business community.”


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