Have a great 4th and here are today’s political law links

DEBATE CASE UPDATE.  WP.  “So just what happened here? Based on Everson’s complaint and the factual record, commissioners considered three separate motions on the Everson-Fox News proceeding.”

DEBATE CASE UPDATE ][.  WT.  “Upholding constitutional principles is not an appropriate role for a member of the Federal Election Commission, Democratic Commissioner Ann Ravel said on Thursday.”

DEBATE CASE UPDATE ]I[.  Fox.  “The commission operates by law under a press exemption designed to protect journalistic independence. By legally challenging what Fox did in Cleveland, the FEC is taking on what is, in essence, a newsroom decision on how to cover a campaign.”

BAUER BEMOANS.  PC.  “Of course, the conclusion that this amounts to a violation of law seems more than a little peculiar.”

NEW SUPER PAC.  WP.  “A new super PAC taking aim at Donald Trump has formed, with the focus on mobilizing Democrats against him. The group, named Keep America Great, has been set up as a grass-roots coalition spanning all 50 states and the District of Columbia.”

SNAP CHAT INNOVATION.  USAT.  “In advance of Saturday’s national election, the  Liberal Party of Australia is unveiling Snapchat’s first political ‘lens’ ad, an animated graphic that users can ad to their snaps urging their friends to ‘Vote Liberal.'”

STAFF MOVES.   PP.  “Donald Trump’s choice to run his campaign in Colorado, a key battleground state, is a veteran political consultant who was accused in the last election cycle of defrauding a top conservative super PAC.”

TAX ISSUES.  WP.  “Afterward, three experts on tax law questioned whether Trump had violated IRS rules against ‘self-dealing’ — which are designed to keep nonprofit officials from using their charities to help themselves.”

RULES FIGHT.  TG.  “A draft rule for the GOP convention, obtained by MSNBC, would effectively lock-in Donald Trump as the GOP nominee and kill the “Stop Trump” movement once and for all.”

CASE EXPEDITED.  BAN. “The case has a hearing on July 7, Thursday.”

MA:  COMPLAINT FILED.  B.  “The Campaign to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol filed a complaint against Walpole Police Chief John Carmichael with the Office of Campaign and Political Finance on Thursday.”

NJ:  PAY TO PLAY CONFLICT.  NJ.  “A storm is brewing at City Hall over proposed revisions to the city’s pay-to-play ban that will pit Mayor Steve Fulop against a group of antagonists that includes a possible 2017 reelection opponent.”

NJ:  LATE FILING.  N.  “As they prepare to take the oath of office on Friday, four of the six winners in Paterson’s May City Council elections have yet to file their final campaign finance reports for the election, records show.”

TX:  CHANGES APPROVED.  HC.  “City Council approved changes to Houston’s campaign finance law Wednesday with no discussion, effectively doubling contribution limits per general election cycle and boosting the amount many candidates can reimburse themselves for personal loans.”

WA:  PROBST VIOLATION.  C.  “The state’s Public Disclosure Commission ruled Democratic legislative candidate Tim Probst violated state campaign finance law by not filing a personal financial affairs report in a timely manner.”

HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND.  I’ll send around the next set of links early next week.  Have a great 4th!

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