Who’s skipping the convention and political law links

CONVENTION CALCULATIONS.  Y.  “Donald Trump has promised to liven up this year’s Republican National Convention. But some of America’s biggest corporations are bailing on the party.”

STEERING CLEAR.  TS.  “More corporations are saying, ‘Thanks, but no thanks,’ on sponsoring the Republican National Convention.”

CONVENTION EVENT UPDATE.  WP.  “But for many lobbyists and political strategists in both parties — plus the leaders of think tanks, industry groups and Fortune 500 companies — party conventions are still must-go events that are simply part of the job. Many heading to the GOP event on July 18, as well as the Democratic convention in Philadelphia a week later, say it’s just good business to show up.”

SUPER PAC ANALYSIS.  LZ.  “In the super PAC era, though, Bush is easily the poster child for failure. An analysis last week by the Center for Responsive Politics concludes that there are too many moving parts in a campaign to affix blame for Bush’s defeat on Right to Rise. But it lays out in devastating detail that the super PAC was, at best, ineffectual.”

PARTY PATROL.  Politico.  “At this month’s conventions, watchdog group Public Citizen will reprise its ‘bird-dogging’ campaign, which in previous years, with help from the Sunlight Foundation, shut down a party and called attention to ethics violations.”

SUPER PAC VIDEO.  DB.  “A pro-Donald Trump super PAC—subtly titled Crippled America PAC—is trying its hardest to tie Hillary Clinton to the Ku Klux Klan.”

FRAUD INDICTMENT FOR MOC.  ABC.  “U.S. Rep. Corrine Brown of Florida and her chief of staff pleaded not guilty Friday to multiple fraud charges and other federal offenses in a grand jury indictment unsealed after an investigation into what prosecutors call a phony charity turned into a personal slush fund.”  The DOJ release is online here.

CO:  INITIATIVE CHALLENGED.  DP.  “A proposed Denver ballot initiative aimed at reining in big-donor campaign contributions and setting up a public financing system for city elections now faces a challenge in court.”

CO:  COMPLAINT DISMISSED.  C.  “A Denver administrative law judge has dismissed a complaint alleging campaign finance violations by Citizens for a Healthy Pueblo, an anti-marijuana group.”

DC:  PROBATION FOR SCHEME.  WP.  “A federal judge sentenced two associates of Washington businessman Jeffrey E. Thompson to one year of probation each on Friday for their roles in a long-running scheme in which Thompson pumped more than $3.3 million in illegal contributions to federal, state and District elections.”

NY:  TIMES HITS DEBLASIO.  NYT.  “The board all but accused City Hall of making a mockery of the city’s strict campaign-finance laws by soliciting big contributions from special interests for the organization, called the Campaign for One New York.”

WA:  SIGNATURES FILED.  ST.  “More than 326,000 signatures have been turned in to the Washington secretary of state’s office in support of a proposed ballot measure that would make a series of campaign-finance changes, including the creation of a publicly funded voucher system for contributions.”


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