Putin super PAC and the other political law links of this day

CONTRIBUTIONS TRIAL STARTS.  NBC.  “According to unsealed documents, Azano is one of several accused of hiding the source of campaign donations or concealing a donation altogether in records with the San Diego City Clerk, the Federal Election Commission, or the California Secretary of State.”

CHARGES SOUGHT.  OS.  “A Massachusetts lawyer who previously filed state ethics and elections complaints against Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi has asked federal prosecutors to level bribery charges against her and Donald Trump.”

VLAD PAC.  Hill.  “Despite the blanket prohibition on foreign nationals contributing to American political campaigns, the mischief caused by the Supreme Court’s decisions in Citizens United and subsequent cases has created an opportunity for foreign nationals to discretely fund Super PACs supporting candidates of their choice.”  I remember when, in the early 1990’s, the Federal Election Commission had a complaint involving Gus Hall and the Communist Party alleging Soviet financial support.  The file is online here.

SOROS RAMP UP.  N.  “Billionaire political donor George Soros has lowered his activities in recent years, but, reportedly concerned his progressive ideas are at stake, has raised his activities this year to rival the $27 million he spent trying to defeat President George W. Bush in 2004, Politico reports.”

FACT COMPLAINT.  OL.  “The Foundation for Accountability & Civic Trust (FACT), a political watchdog group out of Washington DC, has filed a complaint with the Federal Elections Commission requesting an investigation into 10th District congressional democrat candidate Michael Eggman and his campaign for what appears to be a ‘straw donation’ made within his campaign.

SOLDIERS, SOCIAL MEDIA, AND POLITICS.  DN.  “So what do Sailors and Department of the Navy civilians need to know before they post, tweet and snap their political” views?

RULE G-37 CASE UPDATE.  Bond Buyer.  “The Securities and Exchange Commission was legally required by fiscal 2016 appropriation act provisions to reject changes to Rule G-37 that extended political contribution restrictions to municipal advisors, three state Republican groups told federal appeals court

MA:  CFR LANGUISHING.  BG.  “Left languishing is a Senate bill aimed at cracking down on a unique Republican fundraising technique.”


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