The tech anti-Trump tilt and other political law links of this day

TECH AND TRUMP.  Observer.  “These companies are engaging in activity that can quickly lead down a very dangerous slippery slope and this should concern all freedom-loving Americans—not just conservatives. If you don’t know when the election is, no problem! Just Google it and see for yourself what comes up…”

CLINTON HUSTLE.  B.  “Federal regulations prohibiting the use of an automated dialer to interact with cell phones have long ensured that campaigns that happily bombard voters with phone calls, direct mail, door knocks, and digital ads steer clear of unsolicited text messages, despite their obvious promise as a tool for political communication.”

RULES CHANGE?  Politico.  “The head of the group aiding the presidential transition process is urging President Barack Obama to consider killing his executive order restricting lobbyists from serving in the White House, saying it’s provided limited benefits and could hurt the next administration.”

GRANNY D LIVES ON.  UL.  “More than 100 people joined the third annual Granny D memorial walk Saturday to honor and further the legacy of Doris ‘Granny D’ Haddock, who crusaded for campaign finance reform.”

MA:  RULES IN EFFECT.  M.  “Committees running election ads on TV, in print and on the internet already have to disclose the top five donors to the committee that paid for the ad. The new law adds an identical requirement for direct mail and billboards.”

MO:  REPORTING FINE.  CT.  “The Missouri Ethics Commission on Friday levied a fine against a former candidate for the Fourth Ward Columbia City Council seat over campaign finance violations in the weeks leading up to the April election.

MT:  DEADLINE AND CHANGES.  WT.  “Tuesday marks 60 days before absentee voting begins for the Nov. 8 elections. A campaign finance reform law passed last year by the Montana Legislature requires an organization to register and make certain financial disclosures if it runs issue ads that name or show the image of candidates within that 60-day window.”

MT:  ALLEGATIONS AGAINST REGULATOR.  MTS.  “The filing, submitted by former Montana Republican Party attorney Jim Brown, asks a Lewis and Clark County District Court judge to reverse Motl’s dismissal and forward the ethics complaint to the Attorney General’s office.”

WA:  TURN OVER DOCS.  ST.  “A Snohomish County Superior Court judge has ruled that Tim Eyman and his political committees violated her order to turn over documents by a court-ordered deadline as part of an investigation of campaign-finance practices, but deferred ruling on whether to hold them in contempt.”


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