Bernie and fakers and other political law links for Monday are here

BERNIE QUESTIONS.  ABC.  “The group, called ‘Our Revolution,’ will support progressive policy proposals and politicians across the country. According to its website, the group is operating as a 501(c)(4) organization, a tax status that will allow it to accept unlimited contributions without having to reveal its donors.”

REVIEW OF REFORMS.  HLS.  “Each year from 2012 through 2015, between 65 and 92 political contributions/lobbying proposals were submitted to a vote at Russell 3000 companies. During the 2016 proxy season, 66 such proposals were submitted to a vote thus far. While roughly consistent with the 71 proposals that reached a vote in 2015, this number is significantly lower than the 92 proposals that reached a vote in 2014.”

FAKE FILINGS TARGET.  Reason.  “The FEC wants to give these phonies a chance to either confirm the info the FEC suspects is false, or to withdraw their filing.”

VALUATION AND FORMS.  Olympian.  “A Washington Post review of local property records revealed the same pattern across most of Trump’s U.S. golf courses. For eight of the 10 courses on which he pays taxes, Trump reported in his May filing to the Federal Election Commission that the courses were worth tens of millions of dollars even as his attorneys have pressed local tax officials to value the properties at a fraction of those amounts.”

ENDING LOBBYIST BAN?   WP.  “The Clinton campaign did not respond to multiple requests for comment. But lobbyists who are part of Clinton’s deep network of Washington contacts have raised millions of dollars for her campaign — suggesting that a President Clinton may be more open to appointing lobbyists to positions in her administration.”

ETHICS MATTER.  ET.  “As congressional investigators probe whether Rep. Roger Williams violated conflict-of-interest regulations, the Texas Republican acknowledged in a recently released document that he did not completely follow ethics guidance that could have kept him out of the mess.”

SUPER PAC FAMILY PLAN.  TB.  “Patrick Murphy’s father continues to pour large sums of money into the 2016 election in the hopes of getting his son elected to the U.S. Senate.”

DC:  ORANGE RESIGNS.  WP.  “District Council member Vincent B. Orange (D-At Large) resigned Monday to lead the D.C. Chamber of Commerce, buckling under pressure to leave office rather than simultaneously lead the business lobby and the committee, which regulates businesses.”

NY:  CFT TIMING.  GG.  “New York City’s campaign finance system, particularly its public matching funds program, is considered a national model, and it stays that way by being regularly updated and modernized.”

WI:  DOUBLE LIMITS.  “Republican statehouse candidates benefited more than Democrats in the first six months of this year from doubled campaign contribution limits, according to an analysis by the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign.”


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