Scandal warning and Tribe tweet and more political law links for today here


SCANDAL WARNING.  Politico.   “A billionaire supporting Sen. John McCain’s underdog primary opponent may be doing so as payback, McCain said Wednesday.”

MEET THE SUPER PAC.  Time.  “The 2016 presidential election’s most powerful super PAC is the one backing Democrat Hillary Clinton.”

DONATION MURKY.  NJ.  “An Istanbul-based college professor is at the center of a group of suspicious 2014 contributions to a super PAC supporting Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton — including $5,000 from an apparently fictitious company based in Lodi, a USA Today analysis shows.”

CAMPAIGN LEGAL FEES.  MJ.  “Trump’s $1.1 million spent on lawyers is just $300,000 shy of Clinton’s.”

AZ:  OPINION ON LAW.  “SB 1516 has been dubbed by nonpartisan watchdogs as ‘Citizens United on steroids.'”

CA:  ALLEGED VIOLATIONS.  LAT.  “The state is investigating an allegation that Huntington Beach Planning Commissioner Lyn Semeta wrongly accepted a campaign contribution from a downtown restaurant with recent business before the city.”

FL:  PUBLIX GIVES.  FP.  “Publix Supermarkets has given nearly $2.6 million to Florida candidates and committees during the 2016 election cycle, including more than $300,000 since the start of August.”

KS:  CORRECTING REPORTS.  “The Kansas Democratic Party has had to correct two years worth of federal campaign finance reports this week.”

NY:  HITTING NONPROFITS.  WNYC.  “New York State has a new law to stop independent political groups from coordinating with candidates for elected office, but critics say the measure won’t fix chronic corruption in Albany.”

WA:  CFR ON THE BALLOT.  LT.  “Initiative 1464, which covers campaign finance reform, disclosure and enforcement and creates a public campaign financing program, was the final ballot measure to qualify for the general election ballot this fall.”

POLITICALACTIVITYLAW.COM.  I’ll send around the next set of links early next week.  Have a great weekend.

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