Ethics scrutiny, slush, and limbo political law links

FEINGOLD SLUSH.  WD.  “U.S. Senate candidate Russ Feingold, the godfather of campaign finance reform, is nothing more than the founder of a ‘legalized slush fund,’ according to an expert on campaign finance law.”

ETHICS SCRUTINY.  USAT.  “Democrat Hillary Clinton accepts campaign money from lobbyists and relies on them to collect political donations from others. In all, federal lobbyists have raised a little more than $7 million on her behalf through the end of June, Federal Election Commission records show.”

T SPEND ANALYSIS.  B. “Responding to a question from Bloomberg News, Trump finance chairman Steven Mnuchin said in an e-mail on Sept. 8 that his staff was looking into the discrepancy, but he hasn’t responded to further inquiries. Neither have two spokespeople for the campaign.”

SUPER PAC ATTENDEE.  P.  “One of Donald Trump’s sons, Eric Trump, attended and spoke at a fundraiser for a super PAC backing his father on Tuesday, the closest yet that Trump and his campaign have come to blessing one of the competing groups that have jockeyed for support among big donors.”

GR BIZ GOOD.  WP.  “This year, for the ninth consecutive time, the number of registered lobbyists in Washington has fallen.”

LOBBYIST DENIAL.  WE.  “Democratic Senate candidate Evan Bayh unveiled a new ad Tuesday that argues that he is not a lobbyist.”

AL:  BENTLEY BLAME.  WNHT.  “Under federal tax rules, 501(c)(4) organizations are not required to disclose who is giving them money.”

FL:  LIMBO FOR REFORM.   WLRN.  “The initiative spearheaded by a group called An Accountable Miami-Dade would ban campaign contributions by people who receive county contracts worth more than $250,000 a year.”

OH:  SUPREME REPORTS.  C.  “Ohio Supreme Court nominee Cynthia Rice’s campaign filed two required campaign finance reports with the state on Tuesday, several weeks after they were due.”

PA:  $75K FOR GAS DEAL.  WT.  ” Pennsylvania’s government ethics agency said Tuesday a retired state Game Commission official who had once been considered for the agency’s top job agreed to pay a $75,000 ethics fine over his side business helping land owners negotiate natural gas drilling leases.”

TX:  BAN STRUCK.  TL.  “In a win for free speech rights—and a loss for those tired of election year campaign ads—Houston appellate lawyer Meredith Parenti recently won a ruling from Austin’s Third Court of Appeals that will make it easier for politicians to post outdoor billboard advertising along Texas interstate highways.”


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