What are today’s political law links?

SUPER PAC SURGE.  USAT.  “Super PAC donations have barreled past the $1 billion mark, driven by a small group of super-wealthy contributors intent on deciding who will occupy the White House and control Congress next year.”

SUPER PAC REPORTS.  Politico.  “GOP congressional super PACs leap forward in cash $20 million from Sheldon and Miriam Adelson gave Senate Leadership Fund a major boost in August, as the group started preparing its advertising campaigns to protect the party’s Senate majority.”

SUPER PAC OVER SHARE.  Y.  “A controversial pro-Donald Trump super PAC mistakenly released the personal email addresses and cell phone numbers of hundreds of Trump-loving donors — and some of them are livid.”

PRISON AND PAROLE.  CH6.  “The third top official of Ron Paul’s 2012 presidential campaign has been sentenced to three months in prison for conspiring to cover up campaign payments to a former Iowa state senator.”

AIDE AVOIDS PRISON.  Fox.  “The chairman of Ron Paul’s 2012 presidential bid was sentenced Tuesday to probation and home confinement rather than prison, and two other top aides were awaiting their sentences for a scheme to cover up campaign payments to a former Iowa state senator who agreed to endorse their boss.”

B-ROLL ISSUES.  WFB.  “A Democratic House candidate running on a campaign finance reform platform is employing advertising tactics that other campaigns have used to circumvent restrictions on outside political spending.”

FUNDING STALL.  WE.  “Senate Republican leaders have for a second time postponed a vote on a government funding package because an agreement has not been reached with Democrats, who are complaining about a campaign finance provision, among other problems.”

CA:  WATCHDOG GONE RABID.  LAT.  “Supporters of the bill criticized the state Fair Political Practices Commission for heavy-handed tactics that they said included pushing groups the commission has the power to investigate and fine to drop their support for the transparency bill.”

CO:  REPORT TAKEAWAYS.  9News.  “Candidates and campaigns had to file their latest round of finance reports to the Secretary of State’s office Monday.”

SD:  LOOKING AT REFORM.  AN.  “A proposal by a bipartisan panel has the potential to shed more light on campaign contributions in South Dakota while cutting out the middleman.”

VT:  RGA ALLEGATIONS.  CH3.  “Vermont Democrats say Phil Scott is breaking campaign finance rules by illegally coordinating with the Republican Governors Association.”

WA:  FACING REFORM.  PDN.  “Initiative 1464’s voucher system would give voters three $50 ‘democracy credits’ that they can use in state races every two years. To pay for the statewide system, the measure would repeal the non-resident sales tax exemption for residents of sales-tax-free states such as Oregon and Montana who shop in Washington.”


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