Political law links for Tues., 9/27/16

CLINTON V. TRUMP ON CFR.  HPR.  “We have to educate ourselves and others.”

F.E. AND ALMOST C. DEBATE SHOUT OUT.  WP.  “But you will learn more about Donald Trump by going down to the federal elections, where I filed a 104-page essentially financial statement of sorts, the forms that they have.”  PolitiFact took on this claim last night here.  More information about how to receive copies from the FEC is online here, but there are plenty of sites that have them more readily viewable.

PAY TO PLAY FRAMEWORK.  CWT.  “From a political standpoint, a big question remains: will municipal issuers and their employees and elected officials be held to the same standards of liability as private entities and their employees?”

IL:  CAPS OFF.  DA.  “A $260,000 donation to Illinois Comptroller Leslie Munger’s campaign has lifted the caps on political contributions and guarantees a big-money race between the Republican incumbent and Democratic challenger Susana Mendoza.”

MA:  SUPER PAC CAUSE.  BG.  “Advocates of a 2018 constitutional amendment referendum to raise taxes on millionaires and funnel that cash to transportation and education are starting a super PAC to back legislators who support their cause — and, perhaps, attack those who do not.”

NJ:  BIG TOW.  NJ.  “The company whose lucrative city towing contract was renewed last week has given more than $100,000 in campaign contributions to Passaic County political figures over the past 20 years, state records show.”

TX:  COMMISSION APPOINTMENT.  DN.  “Former Rep. Steve Wolens of Dallas, who led a push in the Legislature to overhaul ethics laws, will serve on the Texas Ethics Commission.”

WA:  3 COMPLAINTS.  ST.  “State Attorney General Bob Ferguson on Monday announced that he has filed complaints in Thurston County Superior Court alleging shoddy accounting and improper disclosure of contributions.”

WI:  NEW GROUP.  M.com.  “The origins of the group airing the ad, Prosperity for Everyday People, are not known because it and other so-called ‘dark money’ groups operate mostly in secret.”


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