Good morn., political law links

MEANING OF CAMPAIGN FINANCE.  SCPR.  “As the general election on Nov. 8 draws closer, you’re hearing more and more about donor limits, dark money, super PACs and other campaign jargon that attempts to describe the role of money in the U.S. political process.”

SWING DONOR LAUNCH.  CDN.  “Three Cornell graduates launched a New York-based, non-partisan startup Monday called Swing Donor, an organization which aspires to counter the influence of big money in politics by enabling small donors to make a meaningful impact in congressional races.”

HATCH ACT SEASON.  FPR.  “With only one more month left to go until the presidential election, the Office of Special Counsel wants to remind federal employees of a few Hatch Act guidelines meant to keep political activity out of the workplace.”

LOBBYISTS AS DIRECTORS.  WSJ.  “A Wall Street Journal review of lobbying data and securities filings found that despite such efforts, financial ties persist between some corporate directors and CEOs—ties running through Washington’s lobbying corps. They involve directors whose lobbying fees are paid either by the company where they are a board member or by an industry association where the company’s CEO has influence.”

FOUNDATION AND RUN.  RCP.  “From 2011 through 2014, Trump harnessed his eponymous foundation to send at least $286,000 to influential conservative or policy groups, a RealClearPolitics review of the foundation’s tax filings found.”

BERA UPDATE.  EGC.  “The U.S. Department of Justice’s Criminal Division, the U.S. Attorney’s Office and the FBI on Sept. 16 completed its investigation pertaining to contributions made to the campaigns of U.S. Rep. Ami Bera (D-Elk Grove) from 2009 through 2012.”

CA:  49ERS AND CITY COUNCIL.  NN.  “A group called Stand Up For Santa Clara is alleging the San Francisco 49ers are behind ‘dark money’ coming into the current Santa Clara city council election campaigns.”

WA:  MISSED DEADLINES.  ST.  “The office of the Washington attorney general has filed a complaint against Secretary of State Kim Wyman, alleging that her re-election campaign missed campaign-finance deadlines. Wyman says it was a minor error and is being addressed.”


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