CU at the debate and other political law links here

CU AT THE DEBATE.  NLR.  “Amid a presidential debate that focused as much on personal attacks as substance, the topic of campaign finance reform finally made a brief, if tangential, appearance in the high-stakes public forum.”

COORDINATION PANIC.  LZ.  “The campaign of Hillary Clinton freaked out in early May 2015 when they learned The New York Times had discovered fundraising meetings between the Clinton campaign and the super PAC Priorities USA.”

SUPER PAC DONOR STRATEGY.  CST.  “A super PAC created specifically to bolster Sen. Mark Kirk’s GOP re-election bid is a stark example of how mega-donors legally skirt federal caps on individual contributions.”

SUPER PAC PAYMENT.  USAT.  “A political action committee launched by longtime Donald Trump supporter Roger Stone paid $2,500 this year to a sexual-assault victim who has criticized Hillary Clinton.”

MEDIA EXEMPTION COVERAGE.  Reason.  “The exemption is necessary because without it newspapers, TV networks, and similar media would routinely be in violation of the law whenever they carried anything that might be construed as support for, or opposition to, a political candidate.”

AK:  CHIEF RESIGNS.  ADN.  “The head of the agency that regulates state legislative candidates and campaign finance laws has resigned, leaving the Alaska Public Offices Commission with a temporary replacement a month before Election Day.”

CA:  MAYOR FACES MORE.  WD.  “Carson Mayor Albert Robles, who already is facing the potential of an $85,000 fine for not submitting campaign finance records in time for his run for a local water board, has again been referred to the state’s top campaign finance watch dog for a similar violation.”

IL:  LIMITS GAME.  CST.  “Both parties have set up webs of candidate committees, political parties and super PACs that allow them to elude the weak laws and shower unlimited piles of cash on their candidates.”

WA:  BACKING LOWER LIMITS.  SPI.  “Washington is being used as a national guinea pig, as was Seattle last year, by advocates of public campaign financing, based mainly on the East Coast. They have put up a war chest of nearly $2.6 million.”


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