AM political law links

FUNDRAISER STOPWP.  “Donald Trump’s campaign said Tuesday that it has scheduled no more big-money fundraising events to benefit the Republican Party, another sign of the GOP nominee’s struggling campaign and a serious blow to the party’s get-out-the-vote operations with less than two weeks to go until Election Day.”

ALLEGATION AGAINST MILLER.  ADN.  “The Alaska Republican Party is accusing Libertarian U.S. Senate candidate Joe Miller of breaking federal campaign finance law by using his for-profit news website,, as an extension of his campaign. But Miller says he has done nothing wrong.”

COMPLAINTS ON TRUMP ADS.  Politico.  “A conservative-leaning watchdog group is accusing the DCCC and a dozen of its candidates of using illegal advertising practices this fall, arguing in new complaints that the committee has used its ad strategy to direct extra money to a number of its campaigns.”

SUPER PAC FUNDRAISING.  BB.  “He also advised that it might be time to rely on Bill Clinton and Barack Obama to encourage bigger donations to the Super PAC, but added that the president was ‘prissy’ about the ethics behind it.”

SUPER PAC SMOKE SIGNALS.  BB.  “It is unclear whether the campaign implemented their strategy or whether EMILY’s List agreed to serving as a third party surrogate for the campaign.”

EMAIL AND ETHICS.  TU.  “Should a private individual’s stolen correspondence be read? How does someone respond publicly when they’re the subject of a private email? Have the emails been altered?”

FARA ISSUE.  WFB.  “A high-dollar lobbyist and fundraiser for Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign failed to file legally required disclosures for his advocacy on behalf of a foreign government in discussions with Clinton’s future campaign chairman, according to a political law expert.”

LOBBYISTS UNITED.  NYT.   “From the political right and the left, AT&T’s $85 billion bid for Time Warner has provoked pushback. But AT&T, in addition to its billions of dollars of capital, has another arsenal at its disposal: one of the most formidable lobbying operations in Washington.”

CA:  DOCUMENTS SOUGHT.  LAT.  “The campaign of Assemblyman David Hadley (R-Manhattan Beach) has delayed turning over documents related to an official investigation into his campaign practices, according to court documents filed by the state Fair Political Practices Commission.”

MO:  RULING ON PAC.  CT.  “The Missouri Ethics Commission has ruled a candidate who lost a bid for a Columbia City Council seat in April and a political action committee that contributed to his campaign violated state laws by not immediately disclosing donations and expenditures.”

MO:  SOURCE OF FUNDING.  STL.  “When Missouri gubernatorial candidate Eric Greitens landed a record-setting political donation of almost $2 million in July, it arrived via a federal superPAC that didn’t specify the source of the money.”

RI:  STATE POLICE INVESTIGATE CAMPAIGN FINANCE.  NBC.  “The NBC 10 I-Team has learned the Rhode Island State Police are looking at two potential cases of politicians criminally breaking campaign finance laws.”

MALAYSIA:  ROW AND REFORM.  B.  “Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak will consider a ban on foreign political donations that would potentially prevent a repeat of the funding scandal that has shadowed his administration for more than a year.”


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