Political law links for Thurs., 11-3-16

TRUMP TRANSITION PLANNING.  WP.  “New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie and former Heritage Foundation president Ed Feulner are hosting an information session on the transition at the downtown Washington office of Baker Hostetler Thursday morning, according to an invitation obtained by The Washington Post.”

ULTIMATE PAYEES IN THE NEWS.  Politico.  “At its most extreme, a candidate could theoretically hire a single firm to run its entire campaign and only disclose that one payment. Spending on polling, on ads, on staff salaries — on anything else — could be kept secret.”

SUPER PAC INTERACTION.  SP.  “Memos prepared by legal counsel for Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign reveal how the campaign developed workarounds so it could coordinate with a network of pro-Clinton super political action committees or Super PACs.”

PAY TO PLAY & PENCE.  Intercept.  “Feinberg, like many hedge fund managers, can legally sidestep the pay-to-play rule by donating not directly to the presidential campaign — but to a presidential Super PAC.”

AL:  CASE TURMOIL.  PNJ.  “In Alabama Democratic Conference (ADC) vs. Attorney General, State of Alabama, the appeals court rejected a challenge to a new Alabama law that bans one PAC from contributing to another.”

AL:  COMPLAINT OVER LETTER.  AL.  “According to the News-Courier, Jones sent a letter on campaign letterhead thanking the grand jurors for their service and asking for their vote.”

ME:  FUELING MEASURES.  BDN.  “Nonprofit ‘dark money’ groups have doled out about half of the funds fueling Maine’s five citizen-initiated ballot questions in November.”

MT:  CONFIDENTIALITY IN QUESTION.  GFT.  “Rep. Brad Tschida, R-Missoula, sent an email Tuesday to GOP Sens. Dee Brown of Hungry Horse and Bob Keenan of Bigfork and other legislators from both sides of the aisle containing his Sept. 21 ethics complaint accusing Bullock and O’Leary of malfeasance and Political Practices Commissioner Jonathan Motl of covering it up.”

TX:  LATEST REPORTS.  AC.  “The final set of campaign finance figures for the five City Council races up for election this coming Tuesday got published through the Office of the City Clerk on Monday, Oct. 31, breaking down how much each money candidate has raised, spent, owes in loans, or has on hand for the last few days.”

EU:  GROUNDS NOT SUFFICIENT.  Guardian.  “An ethics panel has cleared the former European commission chief José Manuel Barroso of breaking an EU integrity code for taking a job at Goldman Sachs, but questioned his judgment in moving to the bank.”


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