SEC pay to play exemption sought and other political law links

EXEMPTION SOUGHT.  Reuters.  “Pershing Square Capital Management, the hedge fund firm run by billionaire William Ackman, wants to be exempted from possibly having to return millions of dollars in fees after a former employee donated $500 to a family friend’s political campaign.

DEREGISTRATION.  WP.  “At least four lobbyists who are involved in the Donald Trump transition or who are being considered for a Cabinet-level position have filed paperwork in the past week and a half to terminate their status as federal lobbyists — an apparent move to comply with the president-elect’s new ban on lobbyists in the administration and transition.”

RIDER REJECTION URGED.  Hill.  “In a letter sent Tuesday to current House and Senate members, nine representative-elects said they did not want two riders that were part of last year’s spending package to be included in appropriations legislation for fiscal 2017.”

READY FOR….  Hill.  “Three new political committees have formed in the last month urging first lady Michelle Obama to run for president in 2020.”

MAYER ON “DARK MONEY.”  NPR.  “New Yorker magazine reporter Jane Mayer discusses the political influence of billionaires like the Koch brothers.”

BEFORE PANEL.  Politico.  “In mid-August 2015, Stutzman, his wife, and children visited Los Angeles. Stutzman met with and called potential supporters over two days, but billed his Senate campaign for the full costs from the trip, a potential violation of House rules and federal campaign law, according to OCE. Candidates are not allowed to use campaign funds to pay for personal expenses.”

IL:  CITY RULES MAY NOT APPLY.  JO.  “The further restriction of who can make political donations to city of Des Plaines candidates running for election and the amount of those contributions were approved by aldermen last week. But whether the new requirements will apply to candidates running for office in next April’s election is unclear.

NY:  PACKAGE PRESENTED.  GG.  “The City Council heard testimony Monday on a broad package of bills that would prevent conflicts of interest between elected officials and political nonprofits, limit the electoral influence of those who do business with the city, and make it easier for first-time candidates to navigate the city’s campaign finance system.”

PA:  JUDGES AND CONTRIBUTIONS. LI.  “On Nov. 4, Pennsylvania’s Judicial Conduct Board (JCB) issued guidance to the state’s judges and justices on the ethics of dealing with campaign donors in the courtroom, specifically on when a judge should be disqualified or recuse herself because of a campaign contribution from a litigant, lawyer or law firm before her.”


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