Fines, violations, and CU bill in MI in today’s political law links

CA:  DA FINED.  EBT.  “In the years after winning a hotly contested election, Contra Costa District Attorney Mark A. Peterson spent more than $66,000 in campaign contributions on movie tickets, restaurant meals, phone bills, and a litany of other personal expenses, according to the California Fair Political Practices Commission.”

CA:  MOTHER/DAUGHTER FINE.   VOC.  “A double-sided mailer that promoted both Rice and her daughter sent to Westminster households on Oct. 11 failed to include boilerplate language disclosing the source of funding for the campaign literature, according to  the state Fair Political Practices Commission.”

MI:  CU BILL.  MPR.  There’s “progress on a state bill that’s similar to Citizens United that’s been passed by the Michigan Senate and is on track to get through the House, likely during this lame duck session.”

NY:  NOT GUILTY PLEAS.  BN.  “Eight defendants, including Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s longtime friend Joseph Percoco and Buffalo businessman Louis Ciminelli, pleaded not guilty in federal court in Manhattan Thursday to a range of corruption charges.”

TN:  PROBE TO CONITINUE.  T.  “The probe into Durham’s campaign money began in June after Attorney General Herbert Slatery told campaign finance officials about a former Durham employee who said the now-expelled lawmaker directed him to move money between a campaign account and an account for Durham’s former title company.”

LOAN WOLF LOBBYIST:  MISS SLOANECT.  “It’s a wannabe Aaron Sorkin-meets-Shonda Rhimes glimpse into the hollow and cynical world of inside the beltway dealings from first-time screenwriter Jonathan Perera that’s never quite snappy, insightful or salacious enough to be as fun or damning as it should be.”  Wait until it hits Netflix?


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