WI Commissioner resigns and more political law links

BRACING FOR FIGHT.  RC.  “The potential action on campaign finance law comes against the backdrop of deep dissatisfaction in both parties with the current system.”

FATTAH SENTENCED.  Politico.  “Former Democratic Rep. Chaka Fattah (Pa.) was sentenced to 10 years in prison Monday by a federal judge in Philadelphia.”

NOT GUILTY PLEA.  CCB.  “Former Congressman Aaron Schock has pleaded not guilty in federal court to misusing government and campaign money for personal use.”

COURTING CENSORSHIP.  NM.   “Recently the Federal Election Commission (FEC) rejected a proposal to add language exempting books, movies, and streaming videos from its regulations.”

LIST BIZ.  WP.  “List brokers typically pass along a share of the money they are paid to other companies for access to their lists, pocketing a commission in the process, according to people familiar with the industry.”

SUPER PAC SPEND.  HP.  “Bolton launched the John Bolton Super PAC in 2013, which some speculated was a way to promote himself ahead of a potential 2016 president

MA:  RULING EXPECTED.  SE.  “A state judge could soon decide whether Massachusetts corporations should be free to make contributions to political candidates or administer their own political action committees after oral arguments were made in court Wednesday as part of a lawsuit brought by two local business owners.”

WI:  COMMISSIONER RESIGNS.  JT.  “A Democratic appointee to the state Ethics Commission announced Monday he was resigning from the fledgling watchdog agency, criticizing what he described as improper secrecy and a failure to enforce ethics requirements for lobbyists and public officials.”


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