Pay to play and more in today’s political law links

FACING A NEW PAC.  WP.  “After flooding his office phone lines with complaints and mocking him on social media, District activists are starting a political action committee to target a Utah congressman who has sought to use his powerful House post to overturn D.C. laws.”

CA:  ALLEGED UNION SKIRTING.  KPCC.  “United Teachers Los Angeles officials say that invitation is part of an ongoing pro-union marketing campaign. UTLA’s rival — the California Charter Schools Association’s political action committee — says the mailer is clearly a pro-Zimmer ad, and thus proof that the union is skirting campaign finance rules.”

MO:  BILL MOVES.  CL.  “The House amended, then passed a Senate campaign-finance reform bill after brief debate on Tuesday, with House leaders saying they’re hopeful the Senate will agree to the compromise and send it on to the governor.”

NJ:  PAY TO PLAY ISSUE.  CNJ.  “Pay-to-play laws prohibit state agencies from awarding contracts worth more than $17,500 to businesses that have contributed more than $300 to a governor, a gubernatorial candidate or any state or county political organization.”

NJ:  PAY TO PLAY STATE OF PLAY.  JDS.  “New Jersey is home to a multitude of overlapping pay-to play laws. The State has a default statute covering pay-to-play restrictions at the municipal level. In 2006, however, the State Legislature allowed municipalities to craft their own pay-to-play ordinances further restricting certain political contributions from vendors.”

NM:  COOLING OFF PERIOD PASSES.  AJ.  “A proposal approved late Tuesday would prohibit former lawmakers, cabinet secretaries and public regulation commissioners from serving as paid lobbyists within two years of leaving the government.”

OR:  EXTREME DISCLOSURE AND PUBLIC FINANCING.  EO.  “The Secretary of State’s Office says “miscellaneous” contributions, as contributions less than $100 are classified in the public database, added up to about $7.5 million in the 2015-16 election cycle.”

TN:  INVESTING CAMPAIGN FUNDS LIMIT.  WCYB.  “The state Senate has passed a bill seeking to prevent campaign funds from being invested in private companies.”


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