Political Law Links, May 1, 2017

STOP FEC RESTRUCTURING.   CD.  “Bipartisanship is not easy. It requires both sides to recognize that they will not always get their way. But for 40 years, Republicans and Democrats were able to do it.  Throwing that away and simply hoping that a new agency will side with your party is reckless and an enormous threat to the First Amendment. For the good of both parties, and for the good of the nation, we should preserve, not dismantle, bipartisanship at the FEC.”

PUDNER ON REFORM.   CM.  “John Pudner, executive director of the organization Take Back Our Republic, points to some of the same symptoms that liberals do – the long hours that members of Congress spend fundraising and a candidate recruitment process that tends to favor ‘telemarketers’ over problem-solvers.”

WAIVERS SOUGHT.   Hill.  “The Office of Government Ethics has asked the Trump administration for copies of any waivers it issued that may have granted appointees exemptions from ethics rules, according to an ABC News report.”

ME:  REFERENDA LAW.   PH.  “A Miami woman who has pumped millions of dollars into a campaign for a ballot question that will ask voters to approve a casino for southern Maine says she did not intend to violate state finance disclosure laws.”

MO:  ETHICS COMMISSION FINE.  CBS.  “The Missouri Ethics Commission has slapped Missouri Governor Eric Greitens with a one thousand dollar fine for violating state campaign finance laws. The Kansas City Star reports the Ethics Commission action came because Greitens failed to disclose last year that his campaign got a donor list from the Missions Continues, a non-profit Greitens established in 2007.”

WA:  CASE SET.   ST.  “The Washington Public Disclosure Commission (PDC) has referred a campaign-disclosure complaint against the right-leaning Freedom Foundation to the Attorney General’s Office.”


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