NRA, law’s burden, Missouri update and more political law links

NRA REPORTS.   TTO.  “The National Rifle Association has acknowledged that it made multiple errors in the accounting of its 2016 election campaign expenditures, causing it to overreport amounts it spent trying to influence the presidential race and highly competitive Senate contests in eight states, according to a series of letters it sent to the Federal Election Commission on Thursday.”

CA:  BURDEN OF LAW.  OCR.  “At some point, excessive burdens on political speech and activity have a chilling effect and are unconstitutional. The Supreme Court said in 2010, ‘The First Amendment does not permit laws that force speakers to retain a campaign finance attorney.'”

GA:  HEADED TO COURT.   AJC.  “The court ruling that stopped ethics oversight of DeKalb County’s government is being appealed to Georgia’s highest court.”

MO:  LAW UPDATE.   STL.  “New limits on campaign donations in Missouri will stay in place for now, but other parts of a law approved by voters in November are on hold after a federal court decision issued Friday.”

MO:  NEXT ON ETHICS.   STL.  “The gears of the Missouri Senate came grinding to a halt in the past couple of weeks primarily because a couple of Republican senators — namely Sen. Rob Schaaf of St. Joseph and Sen. Ryan Silvey of Kansas City — want to connect the small things to the big things.”

MO:  FIGHT ON FUNDS.  NL.  “Representatives of several groups, mostly conservative entities such as Americans for Prosperity, said Schaaf’s bill would hurt private citizens by revealing them as donors to certain nonprofit organizations, which would decrease their personal privacy and possibly open them up to retribution.”

MT:  CHIEF CONFIRMED.   USN.  “Montana lawmakers on Thursday confirmed ‘one of our own,’ as one senator put it, as the next commissioner in charge of making sure they follow campaign laws and of enforcing any violations they commit.”

NY:  PLAN OFFERED.   ND. “Democratic Nassau County Executive candidate Laura Curran detailed plans Thursday to reform the campaign finance system, including barring county appointees from contributing to her campaign.”

TX:  ETHICS BILL PROVISION.  DN.  The bill would bar the appointment of campaign donors in certain circumstances.


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