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TODAY AT THE FEC.   The agenda for today’s Federal Election Commission is here.

CAMPAIGN SUIT.  NYT.  “Two Democratic Party donors and a former party staff member have filed an invasion of privacy lawsuit against President Trump’s campaign and a longtime informal adviser, Roger J. Stone Jr., accusing them of conspiring in the release of hacked Democratic emails and files that exposed their personal information to the public.”

AGENCY STALL?    HTC.  “The U.S. agency that could bring civil charges against Donald Trump, Jr. if it found he violated campaign finance laws by meeting with a Russian who purportedly had damaging information on Hillary Clinton is often gridlocked by partisan politics and can take years to mete out punishment, legal experts said on Wednesday.”

FOREIGN INFLUENCE AT FEC.  WFB.  “Ellen Weintraub, a controversial Democratic commissioner at the Federal Election Commission, has taken more than 30 foreign trips since joining the commission despite warning against foreign influence in state and federal elections.”

FEC DOCUMENTS CLOAKED.   DC.  “Federal Election Commission (FEC) officials have withheld public documents for years, some of which would expose details about Democrats’ taxpayer- and foreign-funded travel, The Daily Caller News Foundation’s Investigative Group has learned.”

MOVE URGED ON AMENDMENT.    PAT.  “The Secular Coalition for America and 10 of its member groups sent a letter to the U.S. House Committee on Appropriations today urging them to remove a provision in the proposed budget bill that would gut the Johnson Amendment and let tax-exempt churches endorse candidates from the pulpit without consequences.”

LOBBYING PLATFORM.   RC.  “The organization uses a crowdfunding platform, which allows anyone to create advocacy campaigns around social issues they care about and start raising money. People have a year to reach their funding milestone.”

DE:  COMMISSION DISSOLVED.  DJ.  “Wilmington residents who want to report potential conflicts of interest, collusion or other unsavory behavior by city employees once had the Wilmington Ethics Commission as a resource.”

HI:  COMPLAINT DISMISSED.  WHT.  “The county Board of Ethics on Tuesday officially dismissed a complaint against Prosecuting Attorney Mitch Roth, but several members are asking that the board get more authority to refer its own complaints to state boards such as the Ethics Commission and Campaign Spending Commission.”

NM:  CONSIDERING BILL.  USN.  “New Mexico election regulators are taking the pulse of public opinion on rules that would to force nonprofit advocacy organizations that attempt to influence voting to report more information about financial backers.”

NY:  ACCUSATIONS AGAINST MAYOR.   GG.  “Rochester Mayor Lovely Warren is drawing scrutiny for apparently using a political action committee she founded in 2015 help finance her 2017 re-election campaign and for repeatedly accepting over-the-limit contributions from business interests, as shown by her campaign finance records.”


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