Political Law Links, 7-20-17

FRESHMAN IDEA.   PM.  “Essentially, Democracy Dollars would allow reformers to circumvent the Supreme Court hurdle while at the same time addressing the problem of outside spending.”

DEMOCRAT FOCUS.   RC. “Amid the collapse of a signature piece of Republican health care legislation and continued revelations about the Trump team’s ties to Russia, House Democrats have turned their spotlight on proposals to revamp ethics, campaign finance and voting rights laws.”

PRISON FOR DONOR.   WP.  “Potarazu used the money he took out of VitalSpring to position himself as a ‘thought leader’ and ‘inside the Beltway power player,’ prosecutor Caryn Finley said at sentencing. He spent hundreds of thousands of dollars writing a book and getting himself booked for interviews on Fox Business. He donated heavily to the Democratic National Committee. (He has requested, through counsel, that the $330,000 he donated be returned and used to repay investors).”

AZ:  LAWMAKER QUITS.   USN.  “A state legislator under investigation for allegedly violating Arizona’s clean election financing laws has resigned.”

ID:  SALARY CHANGE.   IS.  “Idaho 1st District GOP Rep. Raúl Labrador is no longer using campaign funds to pay his wife’s salary or to pay for a campaign vehicle.”

MO:  NONPROFIT GIVES.   KC.  “Gov. Eric Greitens’ nonprofit just donated $250,000 to a political action committee working to protect Missouri’s right-to-work law.”

TN:  NEGATIVE BALANCE.   TN.  “Campaigns are not supposed to ever have a negative balance. Such a report would imply the candidate is spending money he or she never reported receiving on previous statements, a serious offense that could result in fines.”

TX:  COURAGE FOR REFORM.   EN.  “Councilman John Courage wants to require more disclosure for local candidates and those who fund their campaigns and is also planning to push for deeper vetting of would-be candidates to ensure they’re actually residents of the district they want to represent.”

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