8.7 political law links

MENENDEZ FIGHT.   L360.  “Sen. Bob Menendez on Wednesday again urged a New Jersey federal court to toss his corruption charges based on the U.S. Supreme Court’s landmark McDonnell decision, rejecting prosecutors’ argument that pressure he exerted on a doctor’s behalf to influence executive branch officials fell within the high court ruling’s narrow definition of ‘official acts.'”

SUPER PAC BLAST.   CNN.  “Two candidates for Alabama’s Senate seat railed against the involvement of a super PAC with ties to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell in the highly-contested race for Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ former seat.”

LEFT DEFENSE OF “DARK.”  PROS.  “The 501(c)(4) model offers advocates more opportunities to champion certain causes than its more well-known cousin—the 501(c)(3)—does. 501(c)(4)s do all the advocacy that (c)(3)s do—and more. They are allowed to do an unlimited amount of lobbying (including supporting or opposing ballot measures) and can support or oppose candidates as a secondary activity (although the primary purpose of a (c)(4) cannot be to support or oppose individual candidates).”

LOBBYING WINDS.   ECON.  “Companies pay heed to the political winds when deciding how to spend their lobbying dollars.”

MO:  NOT SHOE COMPANY.   STL.  “In another incident that shines a spotlight on the secrecy surrounding the Republican governor’s fundraising practices, a spokeswoman for New Balance Inc., a Boston-based athletic shoe manufacturer, said the company should not have been named as a benefactor to the January event.”

NM:  PUBLIC FINANCING VIEW.   AJ.  “Perhaps it’s time to throw in the towel on public campaign financing and face the reality that, according to the U.S. Supreme Court, money is speech, and speech is protected.”

NY:  ETHICS CONTACT.   TU.  “Two years after members of the Joint Commission on Public Ethics complained of interference by officials in Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s administration, telephone records obtained by the Times Union show that Cuomo’s top attorney has repeatedly called the state’s ethics watchdog agency — including several calls that took place just after Cuomo’s office received a sweeping federal subpoena.”

NY:  AIRBNB LOBBYING.   NYDN.  “The popular home-sharing site spent more than $404,200 on lobbying during the first six months of the year, including $345,593 paid directly to some of Albany’s most influential lobbyists, according to a financial disclosure statement recently filed with the state.”

RI:  BANK STATEMENTS REQUIRED.   PJ.  “The law requires all candidates and officeholders to submit bank statements to the Board of Elections following fourth-quarter campaign finance reports.”

TX:  LEGAL FEES COST.   AS.  “A year after a judge’s ruling on a Zimmerman challenge that overturned two facets of Austin campaign finance rules and upheld two others, both parties are appealing the decision.”

WA:  FINE SETTLEMENT.   TO.  “In February, the state Attorney General’s office alleged that Hunt, a Democrat representing the 22nd Legislative District, didn’t report in-kind contributions, expenditures and incurred debts quickly enough.”


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