8.29 political law links

TURN ON ETHICS CASE.   BN.  “The ethics investigation into Rep. Chris Collins and his stock trades took a serious turn Monday, as the House Committee on Ethics confirmed that it is probing the matter and will continue to do so until at least mid-October.”

ETHICS EXPLOIT.   POL.  “The push, which includes scrubbing GOP incumbents’ legal and financial records, is part of a broader message of accountability the minority is planning for the next election, according to officials who previewed the effort for POLITICO.”

FL:  TRIAL FOR PERSONAL USE.  SSN.  “A trial was due to begin Monday in U.S. District Court in Orlando in a case that alleges former state Rep. Dwayne Taylor, D-Daytona Beach, improperly used campaign funds for personal expenses.”

ID:  SERIES OF PROPOSALS.   IS.  “Idaho Secretary of State Lawerence Denney is now presenting a series of draft bills for various campaign finance reforms that were discussed at the Legislature’s ethics and campaign finance work group’s last meeting, and the lawmakers on the panel are suggesting various changes to the drafts or raising concerns about their wording.”

ME:  PAYING FOR PUBLIC FINANCING.   BDN.  “Lawmakers should scuttle a costly economic development initiative and use the savings to pay for Maine’s public campaign finance program, according to the Maine Citizens for Clean Elections.”

MA:  OUT OF STATE TARGET.   NPN.  “Two citizen-driven initiatives that are inching toward the 2018 ballot seek to curb outside money by capping how much can be given to state candidates and ballot initiatives.”

NM:  FINAL COMMENTS.   ADN.  “Campaign finance regulators in New Mexico are collecting a final round of public comments on rules that would reveal more about who gives money to groups that can spend unlimited amounts to sway elections.”

NY:  RETURN PRESSURE.   NCPR.  “A left-leaning group is asking the state’s top politicians to give back donations from a hedge fund manager who made racially charged comments against New York’s only black female legislative leader. But so far most, including Gov. Andrew Cuomo, have held on to the money.”

TX:  ONLINE FILINGS AVAILABLE.   DCN.  “The Denton County Elections Administration announced last week that campaign finance filings for county officials are moving online, just in time for the March 6 primary election.”


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