10.26 political law links

COMPLAINT ON DOSSIER.  FN.  “The revelation that Hillary Clinton’s campaign and the Democratic National Committee helped fund a salacious anti-Trump dossier last year is raising new legal questions for the Clinton team — with a watchdog group filing a formal complaint alleging they hid the payments from public view.”

LAW AND THE DOSSIER.  WE.  “Some experts believe Clinton and the Democratic National Committee may have violated a ban on foreign contributions to campaigns, though others disagree and emphasize potential disclosure violations by filtering payments through a law firm.”

PAC HEAD MOVE.  SFC.  “The chairman of a political action committee backing Arizona Republican Senate candidate Kelli Ward is assuming a senior role in her campaign, prompting questions about coordination between the groups, which is prohibited by federal law.”

EMBED 101.  POL.  “Facebook, Twitter and Google played a far deeper role in Donald Trump’s presidential campaign than has previously been disclosed, with company employees taking on the kind of political strategizing that campaigns typically entrust to their own staff or paid consultants, according to a soon-to-be released study.”

PUBLIC FINANCING PUSH.  IBT.  “These systems, which include government grants, small-donor matching, vouchers and tax credits, allow candidates who don’t have access to deep-pocketed donors — people traditionally underrepresented in the political system — the chance to compete with candidates who do.”

CASE DISMISSED.  BNA.  “The Federal Election Commission voted not to investigate allegations that a Florida real estate developer funneled illegal campaign money from Chinese nationals into a super political action committee that supported the 2016 Senate campaign of former Rep. Patrick Murphy (D-Fla.).”

NE:  COMPLAINT FILED.  OWH.  “The complaint submitted Wednesday with the Nebraska Accountability and Disclosure Commission says the state senator from Omaha improperly spent money he raised as a lawmaker on a public opinion poll for his gubernatorial campaign.”

RI:  TOUGH ENOUGH?  WUN.  “Over the last 15 years, since enactment of legislation levying fines in Rhode Island for delinquent campaign finance filings, only a small fraction of the fines has been paid, leaving in question the effectiveness of the process.”

ISR:  PREVENTING SABOTAGE.  VN.   “Israel is on guard against hacking ahead of the next general election, one of its most senior cyber security officials said, identifying Iran as posing the greatest overall risk to the country’s cyber security.”


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