11.2 political law links

THE ADS.  POL.  “Here is a sampling of ads purchased by Russian-linked accounts and aimed at U.S. Facebook and Instagram users…”

FEC CAN’T REGULATE.  MC.  “As executives from Facebook Inc., Google Inc. and Twitter Inc. face congressional committees this week over concerns that Russian agents used their platforms in order to influence the 2016 election, a Democratic member of the Federal Election Commission says the regulatory agency has limited power to increase the transparency of online political advertisements compared to Congress.”

FAMILY ON PAYROLL.  HILL.  “Nearly a dozen lawmakers have family members on their campaign payrolls, raising eyebrows at a time when nepotism in Washington is under renewed scrutiny.”

DISCLAIMER PROD.  BC.  “CLC has teamed up with the Take Back Action Fund (TBAF) to file an advisory opinion request with the FEC that they say requires the commission to address the issue of online ad transparency by the end of 2017.”

CALL FOR CHARGES.  DC.  “Even before Fusion GPS, Correct the Record and Priorities USA served as arms of the Clinton campaign, which is an overt violation of campaign finance laws.”

MA:  ICE CREAM INCENTIVE.  BOS. “The Ben & Jerry’s co-founder and longtime campaign finance reform advocate is touring Boston on Friday to dish out free scoops and collect signatures for a recently certified 2018 ballot initiative in Massachusetts in support of a 28th amendment to the Constitution.”

NJ:  MAYOR ACCUSED.  NJ.  “Mayor Ras Baraka has been charged with violating campaign finance rules during the 2014 mayoral race, according to a 28-count complaint filed by the state Election Law Enforcement Commission.”

UT:  MATH.  PR.  “His arithmetic was: $725-$1,533.92 = $0. The actual arithmetic should have been: $725-$1,533.92 = -$808.92.”

VA:  LATE NUMBERS.  WP.  “Virginia Republican gubernatorial candidate Ed Gillespie started to close a financial gap with Democratic rival Ralph Northam in October, new filings show.”


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