Thursday’s political law links are –>

SUBPOENA ISSUED.   NBC.   “A grand jury subpoena has been issued in the ongoing investigation into campaign finance spending by U.S. Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-50th District), the San Diego Union-Tribune reported Wednesday.”

VENDOR PAYS.   PRI. “A telemarketing company that fundraises for politicians, charities and major corporations has settled a complaint filed by the Federal Trade Commission over allegedly ‘false and misleading’ tactics.”

HILLARY ALLEGATIONS.  WE.  “Can you imagine the media outrage if Republicans oversaw an $84 million money laundering scheme?”

CA:  KEEPING FAIR.  SFW.  “Called a Fair Campaign Promise, it also blocks funding from super PACs, independent committees with a vested interest in one player who may raise money from corporations, unions or individuals to advocate for or against candidates.”

IL:  LIMITS ISSUE.   CT.  “Cook County Assessor Joseph Berrios is facing $41,000 in fines for failing to return campaign contributions from property tax appeals lawyers whose donations exceeded legal limits, according to a pair of new rulings by the county ethics board.”

KS:  MONEY RACE.   WS.  “Although he hasn’t formally announced he’s running for governor, independent Greg Orman raised almost $453,000 in campaign contributions, according to state reports.”


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