2/5/18 political law links ->

ZOMBIE CAMPAIGNS.   WTSP.  “Luxury hotels, vacations, iPads and even cell phone bills.”

SUPERBOWL ADS.   POL.  “The Iowa caucuses are still two years away, but voters there will see the first campaign ads of the 2020 presidential election during Sunday’s Super Bowl.”

AL:  REPORTING INVESTIGATION.   MA.  “The Alabama Attorney General’s Office appears to have launched an investigation touching on state legislators’ campaign finance reporting, but the overall scope and direction of the probe is unclear.”

MS:  REFORM COMING.   CL.  “State officials have submitted campaign finance reports that were due Wednesday covering 2017, the last reports before reforms the Legislature passed last year take effect.”

NY:  DEBLASIO AND BRIBERY.   WSJ.  “A lawyer representing former Nassau County Executive Edward Mangano says federal prosecutors discriminated against his client by charging him with bribery, but not charging New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, despite a businessman pleading guilty to bribing both men.”

TX:  REPORTING FOR DUMMIES.   TT.  “While early voting for the March primaries won’t start for nearly a month, a lot of important deadlines in the races have already come and gone.”

TX:  RULING UPHELD.   SM.  “The 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals agreed with the lower court’s ruling from 2016 that struck down two provisions of Austin’s campaign finance rules and left two others in place. Most notably, the decision held that Austin could not justify a blackout period that prohibited candidates from fundraising until a certain period of time before an election.”


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